Destiny TLALOC Exotic Scout Rifle guide

Tlaloc is another exotic weapon that can be obtained by completing quests in the latest Destiny update The Taken King. This weapon is available only to Warlocks.
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In the guide below we’ll describe in details how to obtain Tlaloc and reach level 3 with the Gunsmith.

destiny Tlaloc exotic Scout Rifle

How to get Tlaloc

  • The first requirement is to reach level 3 with the gunsmith in order to receive the quest. The fastest way to hit rank 3 with the gunsmith is to test weapons, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll find reputation weapons that reward 200 points per turn.

    The gunsmiths stock rotates on Wednesday, so test weapons on Tuesday, then the arms day reset happened and you’ll have new weapons to test. Don’t forget that Class Items count as Telemetries for Quests. Telemetries and class item XP boost do not stack.

    Reputation weapons are random drops and you can get them from Vanguard Heroic Strikes and Taken Champions. They have oddly names something like DVALIN-RAS30-FR00. They all start quests to get x amount of kills with a telemetry effect on.
  • Your next step is to get 100 kills with scout rifles while having a primary (or scout rifle) telemetry active.
  • The last step is to receive 10 weapon parts from dismantling rare or legendary scout rifles. You just need to dismantle two year-one scout rifles to obtain 10 weapon parts.
We would like to thank LazarusXCIV and reddit community members for some great tips.

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