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Infusion is the new system of item upgrading in Destiny: The Taken King. It revolves around improving your favorite legendary gear by smelting rare (blue) and unwanted legendary items into it. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to infuse items in Destiny: TTK.

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destiny the taken king infusion guide

How To Infuse Items

There’s several rules to the process:
  • You can only infuse year 2 legendary items (ghosts included).
  • Infusion is irreversible. Once you’ve gone through with it, there’s no going back.
  • You’ll lose the item you’re infusing the legendary with – it will be dismantled.
  • The item you’re infusing with can be legendary or rare (blue).
  • The item you’re infusing with has to have higher attack/defense than the legendary.
  • You won’t get the full difference transferred – only around 80%.
  • You won’t lose progress (XP nodes) and perks after the infusion.
  • The items have to be from the same slot – primary/heavy/special for weapons, head/chest/boots/gauntlets for armor.
  • The items don’t have to be of the same type – you can infuse a shotgun with a fusion rifle.
  • You’ll have to spend glimmer, weapon/armor parts, motes of light and legendary marks on both the dismantling and the infusion.
  • Year 1 gear cannot be used in the process. The only reason to keep it is for sentimental purposes, or for use in the Crucible.
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    The item you’re infusing with can be legendary or rare (blue). … I think you meant exotic not rare blue.

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