How To Get Year 2 Exotic Weapons | Destiny: The Taken King

Year 2 Exotic Weapons are a new batch of items in Destiny, added with The Taken King. They can be obtained through quests, by using blueprints, decrypting engrams, trading with Xur or as random drops.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get year 2 exotic weapons.

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destiny the taken king how to get year 2 exotic weapons

Year 2 Exotic Weapon Quests

Many of the new exotic weapons are offered as rewards for finishing quests:
  • The Chaperone is a shotgun you can get for finishing a quest for Amanda Holliday.
  • By completing the Eris quest line, you’ll get Touch of Malice, a scout rifle.
  • Fabian Strategy is an auto rifle you get for doing the rank 3 gunsmith quest for Banshe-44 as a Titan.
  • Ace of Spades is a handcannon, obtained by doing the same quest as Hunter.
  • You can get TLALOC, the scout rifle, as a reward for this quest if you’re a Warlock.
  • Bolt-Caster, Raze-Lighter and Dark-Drinker are exotic swords you get by doing a quest for Lord Shaxx.
  • The First Curse is a handcannon that can be obtained by completing an unknown quest.
  • You can also get Sleeper Simulant, the fusion rifle, via a quest whose name is still unknown.
  • A pulse rifle called No Time To Explain is in the same boat – a reward for an unknown quest.
  • You can get the Boolean Gemini scout rifle after doing a quest for Petra Venj.

Xur Year 2 Exotic Items

Xur is confirmed as keeping the following items in stock:
  • Hereafter, the sniper rifle
  • Telesto, the fusion rifle.
  • An auto rifle called Zhalo Supercell.
You’ll also be able to randomly get these through grinding.

Exotic Blueprints

These are the Year 2 versions of Year 1 exotics. If you have the older versions, you can upgrade them into the new ones by using the exotic blueprints:
  • Monte Carlo auto rifle
  • SUROS Regime auto rifle
  • Hawkmoon handcannon
  • The Last Word handcannon
  • Invective shotgun
  • The 4th Horseman shotgun
  • Thunderlord machine gun
  • Truth rocket launcher
  • Bad Juju pulse rifle
  • Red Death pulse rifle
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