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Year 2 Exotic Weapons are a new batch of items in Destiny, added with The Taken King. They can be obtained through quests, by using blueprints, decrypting engrams, trading with Xur or as random drops. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get year 2 exotic weapons.

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destiny the taken king how to get year 2 exotic weapons

Year 2 Exotic Weapon Quests

Many of the new exotic weapons are offered as rewards for finishing quests:
  • The Chaperone is a shotgun you can get for finishing a quest for Amanda Holliday.
  • By completing the Eris quest line, you’ll get Touch of Malice, a scout rifle.
  • Fabian Strategy is an auto rifle you get for doing the rank 3 gunsmith quest for Banshe-44 as a Titan.
  • Ace of Spades is a handcannon, obtained by doing the same quest as Hunter.
  • You can get TLALOC, the scout rifle, as a reward for this quest if you’re a Warlock.
  • Bolt-Caster, Raze-Lighter and Dark-Drinker are exotic swords you get by doing a quest for Lord Shaxx.
  • The First Curse is a handcannon that can be obtained by completing an unknown quest.
  • You can also get Sleeper Simulant, the fusion rifle, via a quest whose name is still unknown.
  • A pulse rifle called No Time To Explain is in the same boat – a reward for an unknown quest.
  • You can get the Boolean Gemini scout rifle after doing a quest for Petra Venj.

Xur Year 2 Exotic Items

Xur is confirmed as keeping the following items in stock:
  • Hereafter, the sniper rifle
  • Telesto, the fusion rifle.
  • An auto rifle called Zhalo Supercell.
You’ll also be able to randomly get these through grinding.

Exotic Blueprints

These are the Year 2 versions of Year 1 exotics. If you have the older versions, you can upgrade them into the new ones by using the exotic blueprints:
  • Monte Carlo auto rifle
  • SUROS Regime auto rifle
  • Hawkmoon handcannon
  • The Last Word handcannon
  • Invective shotgun
  • The 4th Horseman shotgun
  • Thunderlord machine gun
  • Truth rocket launcher
  • Bad Juju pulse rifle
  • Red Death pulse rifle
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