Destiny | Tour Events For House Of Wolves Scheduled

As the impending release of Destiny’s House Of Wolves expansion inches closer, developers from Bungie have decided to reveal more information about the contents of the update. They’ve scheduled a series of livestreams that will provide more info on the biggest additions to the game.

destiny trials of osiris
Here’s the schedule so far:
  • April 22nd – A tour of The Reef, followed by a discussion about the weapon upgrades.
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  • April 29th – Gameplay of the Trials of Osiris, along with end game gear.
  • May 6th – Gameplay of Prison of Elders, the three-player coop Arena.
  • May 8th – Unknown.
All of the streams will happen on Bungie’s official Twitch channel. House of Wolves is set to release on May 19th.

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