Destiny Vault of Glass Loot Chest Locations

Raid Loot Chest LocatedDestiny’s Vault of Glass raid has several treasures to be found by guardians. You are rewarded by ascendant materials and items when you go past a section of a boos fight or kill a boss, but there are also three loot chests hidden around the raid map that also reward both items and crafting materials.
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If you repeatedly raid in one week and you killed the end boss already you will not get loot on your second run from killing bosses. That is why loot chests are quintessential for raid farmers because they drop loot even for those that cleared the raid once and have not had their raid cooldown reset. Locations of these chests are a bit hidden. One can be found right after you enter the Vault of Glass (after summoning the light spire event at the beginning) and other two are hidden in Gorgon’s labyrinth (dark maze where you are required to hide from detection). IF you are wondering what Vault of Glass is or what Gorgon’s maze is all about check out our Vault of Glass Raid Guide here.

Raid Loot Chest no. 1

Once you finish summoning the Light Spire (first event of the raid) go through the big circular door. Just follow the path and follow left hand turns to come across the loot chest in plain sight. You can see it in the video bellow starting at 5:55.

Fourth Loot Chest location (after Templar)

This loot chest is found after you defeat the Templar boss. We labeled it as fourth because its location was discovered after the other three mentioned in this article. There was some doubt about this chest’s location because after the initial report many said that it didn’t spawn for them. I had to verify this chest’s location for myself to include it on the page and video bellow proves that it does appear. This was a clean run of the raid so that might have something to do with the chest spawning or not.
After you defeat the Templar go left of where he stands in the first phase. There is a hole in the wall. This is the location of the so-called “Spirit Bloom” chest. This chest rewards only Spirit Bloom so many players call it that. There is actually a small hole in the ground in that room you can crouch through. Keep following the path downwards and at one point you will find yourself in a room that has a small cave entrance (so small that you actually have to crouch through it) and that is where you’ll find the hidden chest. After you pick it up you can keep following the path and that will take you to Gorgon’s maze chest no.1 (described in more detail bellow).

UPDATE: The way to spawn this chest seems to require you to defeat the Templar without him teleporting! This can be accomplished by “Cheesing” him off the ledge with warlock and titan grenades or by defeating him while preventing his teleport. To prevent his teleport you need to split into two teams. One team left of his starting position and one team right of his starting position. Relic bearer helps one of the teams with killing Minotaur and harpies until his ultimate charges up. Once you get Templar’s shield down and do damage a red teleport circle will appear at one of the locations (left or right – usually left first (left of Templar’s starting position while you are looking at him)). A person needs to stand inside that red circle until it turns white and run away from there because Templar will get pissed and start bombarding that place. Repeat this until templar is dead.

Raid Loot Chest no. 2

As you drop down into Gorgon’s Labyrinth, after defeating the Templar, turn left and there is a cliff you can jump up on top off. At first it might seem like there really is no way to get up there, but there are small ledges you can use to get to the top and then just follow the path to the chest.

Raid Loot chest no.3

Third, and final, loot chest in Vault of Glass is located inside Gorgon’s Labyrinth. From the point where you respawn, if you die inside the labyrinth, go straight and to the right (instead of left, where you would go to find the exit). Keep to your right and there will be only one crossroad where you take the left opening. You should arrive at a stone structure upon which is the loot chest. Much easier is to watch the video bellow to see exactly where you need to go.

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  1. V

    I have found 18 loot chests so far and I’m not done containing sprit blooms, weapons and armor, Blue Polyphage and Axiomatic beads in just the Waking Ruins section of the Glass Vault. I am by myself so I can’t raise the sphere and found all of this in the only section accessible. I also found a ghost. The chests are all over in the hardest to reach spots. Look over the edges near the water and on the high peaks of the rock tops. They are also on the walls of the depleted buildings and hidden in the grass near walls. Best way to find is get to the highest points throughout and you will find them. They are also tucked between rocks that are hidden behind walls. Just keep looking because they are EVERYWHERE!!! I’m thinking they must reappear because I just keep finding them and so do the sprit bloom plants.

    1. H

      Dude, those are obviously not part of the Vault of Glass raid, and don’t have anything to do with an article talking about raid loot chest locations. You don’t even need to be doing the raid to get to the Waking Ruins. The chests you’re talking about are just like all the other random chests you can find while patrolling in any other area in the game.

    2. X

      Hey Vadorslayer,

      You are continually finding these chests and ‘Others’ because its this thing implemented into the game called respawning. These chests are nothing special and are not raid loot chests, just…Chests.

      (What level are you?And what system do you play on?)

  2. B

    ^ exactly, but that last “random” chest is always there. If you follow the tunnel up behind the chest you go through a series of drops that leads to the chest behind gorgons lair, but right before you drop to that chest there’s a small hole in the rock wall you can crouch walk through that leads to a dead vex portal which is the placeholder for the random chest.

  3. J

    you do all know that there are actually more than 5 different chest in side the vault i have found five my self and am working on the 7th and i think i know how to get the 6th as well

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