Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Loot

Today Bungie launched the first end-game raid Vault of Glass (read our comprehensive guide), announced as the most challenging element of the game. The first team called PrimeGuard accomplished the Raid’s normal mode 11 hours later, after it was first made available to play. The team consisted of three Titans, two Hunters, and a Warlock – all level 26 or above.

You will be pleased to know that loot that you get from bosses goes straight in your inventory. Reward for defeating the last boss was a shader called Chatterwhite. The team also got gear from the earlier fights and hidden loot chests – a few purples – the gear was actually the same level as the purples they’d been getting before. The main new things were gear that had “bonus damage to Oracles/Praetorians” as a perk (these are the main raid enemies).

Take a look at the first items that were shared with the community – posted by the Reddit user VENGNEC, AdrenalUK, Joshica, sebastiansb.Thanks to reddit user cgmcnama you can see armor sets and weapons available in this raid.


Assault Rifle – Atheon’s EpilogueShotgun – Found Verdict
Hand Cannon – FatebringerSniper Rifle – Praedyth’s Revenge
Pulse Rifle – Praedyth’s TimepieceMachine Gun – Corrective Measure
Scout Rifle – Vision of ConfluenceRocket Launcher – Hezen Vengeance
Fusion Rifle – Praetorian Foil 

Vex Set

HeadPrime Zealot HelmBattlecage of KabrFacade of the Hezen Lords
ChestPrime Zealot CuirassKabr’s WrathRobe of the Hezen Lords
GauntletPrime Zealot GlovesKabr’s Brazen GripsGloves of the Hezen Lords
LegsPrime Zealot GreavesKabr’s Forceful GreavesTread of the Hezen Lords
destiny raid Kabr set titan
Full Karb set – thanks JackedUp Jonesy

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  1. M

    so you are not guaranteed armor? We are at the last boss and all i have gotten is ascendant energy

    1. B

      Wow just wow , the big reward is a shader . I ll play the raid but i won t mind not beating it knowing this .

      1. Other than getting raid gear that can be upgraded to the same amount of light as the exotics.. moron. lol

    2. Z
      ZoMbiE ZeN

      There are alternate routes on your way which lead to loot chest which have a chance to drop those and others like the Suros Regime, Monte Carlo, and class items

  2. P

    Wow seriously doesn’t the reward on the tab for it in game say armor set for the reward no way I am doing this for a stupid shader I’ve already got over half a dozen different ones.

    1. T

      You’re an idiot. It doesn’t say you get an armor set, what it does say is that you get raid gear. That could be weapons that do extra damage to raid type enemies, or armor. You would know that if you just played the game instead of complaining about it. Why do you have to get the best stuff in the game to play the raid? Is the challenge of figuring it out not enough for you?

      1. B

        Where was there a challenge in this raid? Only people who may have had any sense of challenge would be those who never played a mmo with a raid. The fight’s mechanics pretty much came down to, “Shoot stuff, use this shield, find the right way to go.” Raid is a joke, how it took them 11 hours I will never know. Went in with a brand new group that hadn’t even seen a video, only took us a couple hours because we had some terrible players at the minimum level to get in.

  3. S

    I got the tread of the hezen lords last night for my warlock, but we did it on normal not hard. Not sure if these sets are labeled wrong, but not sure how I got the hard boots doing it on normal.

    1. J

      yeah same i got those boots also having only done it on normal …

      1. B

        O.O you can get the armor and any raid weapon on normal. Normal rewards: shader, raid boots, chest, gauntlets, raid weapons, legendary ship (silver), class items or exotic weapons (from labyrinth chest). Hard rewards: raid helmet, legendary ship (black), timebreaker legendary sparrow, vex mythoclast fusion rifle. And this needs to be updated there’s more on the raid loot table than this says there is.

        1. So brent can you get the raid helmet off normal?

        2. J

          This isn’t entirely true; I did the raid on normal mode and I got the Timebreaker Sparrow.

  4. S

    I don’t understand how this game took Bungie so much time to complete. I feel like there really isn’t hardly any content to go through.

      1. B

        Actually, he is correct. If the raid had been opened in the first week, then everything in the game would have been completed in the first week by most people. Only being able to wear one exotic weapon, and one exotic armor also makes it where you don’t feel a point in getting the other exotics once you have one you like. The game is almost dead, and it’s only been a month. This hype machine has all but destroyed the last of my faith in video games.

        1. S

          It’s like you got on her just to fucking complain. You have chimed in on almost everything people say. I mean Jesus fucking Christ if every single mmo out there is so much better then why are you spending time on Destiny and looking up things about Destiny? Your actions make me think you’re a fan of the game but your words make me sure you’re just a whiny kid who has to validate his opinions by telling the people who like the game that it’s shit. Go headbutt a belt sander.

  5. B

    you have a chance to get armor OR Ascendant Materials everyone receives the shader at the end.
    the game took so long so Bungie could put content out in patches instead of all at once… think of it has an MMO RPG, do they give you everything in the game in the beginning? … No.
    also yes the loot is labeled wrong, Hard mode is normal and normal is Hard mode.

    1. J

      incorrect… i did not get the shader at the end of the raid….

    2. B

      You say think of this as an MMORPG? LOL! MMORPGs have months of content built in, whereas destiny could be finished in a week. Destiny has 3 classes to level, look at FFXIV. It started with 8 classes to level, with a level cap of 50 from experience alone, which then you could raise your item level to 90, later readjusted to 110. It ALSO had 8 crafting classes, and 3 gathering classes. Story took more than 20 hours to complete. Had a bajillion side quests that hardly anyone has fully completed. If you want to compare Destiny to an MMORPG you are only digging a bigger grave. You had best stick to comparing it to what it is, other FPS.

      1. S

        Yeah well, FFXIV calling itself an MMORPG is a bigger joke than Destiny.

  6. M

    Yes the loot table is incorrect, as a Titan I have received Kabr’s Forceful Greaves the first week and Kabr’s Wrath this week.

  7. M

    Sorry just remember there is also a legendary ship you can get from the Aethon boss called Glass Minuet. It looks like the Koruna Running ship but silver instead of gold.

  8. C

    God half of the comments are a bunch of twelve year olds telling people their idiots for not being able to spend five hours a day raiding, not counting finding 5 people to do it with

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