Destiny Xur Location and items December 12th

xur location december 12We’re back once again with the same question “Where is Xur – Strange Coin vendor“? We all know that he’ll appear somewhere in the Tower, but this weekend of December 12th, Destiny’s Agent of the Nine has a special new role in the Destiny world.
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For the first time Guardians will be able to upgrade their Exotic gear and weapons with special items available in Xur’s stock. Each week, starting December 12th, Xur will possess a selection of upgrades for existing Exotics in his inventory.

If you want to find out more details about the upgrading process, take a look at our guide How to upgrade Exotic weapons and armor through Xur. When Xur comes, make sure to do the Urn of Sacrifice quest!

Xur location

He’s next to the Crucible quartermaster

Xur Items and Updates

Ruin Wings Gauntlets, Acylophage Symbiotic, Truth, Voidfang Vestiments, Exotic Shard, Exotic Engram, Urn of Sacrifice (you need it for Eris quest – costs 1 coin)

  • Mask of the Third Man (Hunter, helmet, 92 Intellect)
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Hunter, gauntlets, 109 Discipline)
  • The Armamentarium (Titan, chest piece, 167 Discipline)
  • No Backup Plans (Titan, gauntlets, 111 Strength)
  • Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock, helmet, 103 Strength)
  • Sunbreakers (Warlock, gauntlets, 87 Intellect)
  • Suros Regime (Auto rifle)
  • Red Death (Pulse rifle)
  • The Last Word (Hand cannon)
  • Thorn (Hand cannon)
  • Icebreaker (Sniper rifle)
  • Thunderlord (Machine gun)

You can check out his arrival and departure time for different zones in the table below.

Time ZoneArrivalDeparture
PDTFriday, 2:00 AMSunday, 2:00 AM
EDTFriday, 5:00 AMSunday, 5:00 AM
GMTFriday, 9:00 AMSunday, 9:00 AM
CETFriday, 10:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM


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