Ebook Locations - Prague Capek Fountain | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Ebooks are collectibles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Collecting them will grant you XP, and getting all of them will unlock the Tablet Collector trophy.
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There are 20 ebooks to find in Capek Fountain, the first area of Prague. In this guide, we’re going to show you Capek Fountain Ebook Locations in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Ebook Collectibles in Capek Fountain

Title: New Regulations for Augmented Citizens
Location: In the Svobod Beer tavern, a bit south from Jensen’s apartment building. Go inside and look for it on right side of the counter.

Title: Global Politics Review (2029 edition) – Chapter 8
Location: Go to the entrance to the Capek Fountain Metro station. Look for a Minimarket Praha south of it. Go inside and look for the book next to the fridge.

Title: Global Politics Review (2029 edition) – Chapter 5
Location: Look for a green building on the square where the entrance to the Metro station is. There will be a yellow ladder next to it, leading to a billboard. Climb it, then jump onto the terrace of the red building. Enter the apartment and look for the ebook on the cupboard across the room.

Title: Contemporary Art Review
Location: Go to the Capek Fountain security checkpoint. Put a battery into lift next to the archway, and use it to go up. Jump over the ledges and onto the balcony of the apartment above the checkpoint. Search the trashed apartment and you’ll find the book on the floor.

Title: Global Politics Review (2029 edition) – Chapter 7
Location: On the second floor of the Time Machine book store. Go to the main office, the one with the secret passage. There is a table with a statue on the right. The book is on it.

Title: World’s Most Wanted – Dvali Family
Location: This one is in Koller’s hideout. You’ll find it on the dresser next to his bed.

Title: Flesh and Chrome – Parker and Linwood
Location: Go to the corridor with the paintings in Koller’s hideout. Move the one closest to the elevator to uncover a vent. Crawl through, and you’ll end up in a room filled with poisonous gas. It’s highly advisable to have a rebreather augmentation here. Turn the valve to shut off the gas, then rummage through the locker to get the book.

Title: Church of The Machinegod
Location: It’s in an apartment near the checkpoint, in the east of the area. Use the utility elevator to reach the terrace (you’ll need a battery), then break in through there. The book will be on the glass dining table.

Title: Radko Perry Bursts Onto Local Political Scene
Location: This one can be found in the campaigners headquarters, east of the checkpoint. You’ll find it on the table in the main room.

Title: The Juggernaut Collective
Location: You can find this book in the courtyard north of the police checkpoint. Look for a man in a large chair in the western part of the courtyard. The book will be next to him.

Title: Per Aspera Ad Astra
Location: This one is in apartment across the street from Jensen’s building, to the north. Use the construction platform to get onto the balcony, then climb into the flat. The book is on the bed, next to the washing machine.

Title: Toys That Kill
Location: Go to Konicky & Hracky, the factory behind Jensen’s apartment. When you get past the first laser trap, you’ll find the book by the tall window.

Title: The Next Three Decades – Fall of an Empire
Location: This one is in the basement of the Svobody Beer tavern. It’s a bit south of Jensen’s building. You can either hack the locks to get down there, or you can give the waitress some Neuropozyne and she’ll tell you the code (1015). Once you’re down, go through the door next to the pool table, and you’ll find the book inside.

Title: An Appeal To Basic Humanity
Location: This book can be found in apartment number 23, in Adam’s building. You can either pick the lock, use the fountain to climb inside. The book is in the kitchen, in the pile of things on the counter.

Title: A City Designed For You!
Location: Go into the toy factory behind Adam’s building. Go to the far side of the hall and take the stairs up. Go through the room with the toys and into the bedroom. You’ll find the book on a dresser next to the balcony entrance.

Title: R.U.R (Rossum’s Universal Robots)
Location: This ebook is in the impromptu theater in the basement of the Vincent Van Aug gallery. Go into the gallery and through to the back. Once you’re in front of the stage, search the second row of seats.

Title: Top 10 Tech: Abandoned Technologies
Location: This one is hidden in the sewers. Use the manhole in the alley south of Adam’s building, and follow the path towards the cultist’s hideout. Climb to the upper floor using the ladder behind the stage, and find Richard The Great. The book will be next to him.

Title: In Terror Firma
Location: This one is easy – you can get it in Adam’s apartment. It’s on the kitchen counter, behind the monitor.

Title: Juggernaut Collective Case File
Location: In Adam’s apartment – on the dining table, under a bunch of papers.

Title: How Not To Get Yourself Killed
Location: This one is in Jensen’s bedroom, hidden under a loose floorboard. Look for it near the mirror. Once you’ve opened it, you’ll find a stash which contains, among other things, the ebook.