Palisade Ebook Locations | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Ebooks are tablets filled with reading material in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Collecting them will grant you experience points, and give you details about the world and characters.
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When you manage to find them all, you’ll get the Tablet Collector achievement. In this guide, we’re going to help you discover Palisade Ebook locations in Deus Ex MD.

Ebook collectibles in Palisade

Title: The Long Mean While
Location: Go to Market Square, south of the Palisade metro station. Approach the billboard between the two squares (the one with the falling man), and remote hack the ladder on the left. Climb all the way to the top of the billboard and jump across the gap to the right. While on the ledge, break the window and enter the apartment. Go onto the terrace, and you’ll find the book on the table.

Title: Palisade: Clients & Services
Location: In the Executive Services are of the Palisade Bank. Once you enter follow the right side of the hall until you get to a staircase. Go down, cross the hall and go towards the elevator. Turn right when you reach it. You’ll have to hack the door. The ebook will be on the desk, between the two screens.

Title: Family Values
Location: This one is in the illegal casino in the Palisade sewers. Go down using the manhole south-east of the metro station – the one in the alley behind Tech Noir. Once you’re down, go south and you’ll end up in the gambler’s den. Go to the upper floor and look at the table in the corner, next to the fancy chairs. The book should be there.

Title: Bob Page
Location: You’ll find it in the lobby of the Palisade Bank. Just walk straight in and look to the waiting area on your left. The book will be on a glass table between some comfy chairs.

Title: Jus in Bello
Location: Another one in the bank. Go past the receptionist’s desk, up the short stairs and turn immediately. You’ll see a couple of chairs and a wooden table between them. The book will be on it.

This guide is under construction. We’ll update it as we go further into the game.