The Mystery Augs Side Mission SM03 | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The Mystery Augs is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It involves discovering the truth behind the hidden augmentations Jensen has, that were put there without his knowledge.
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It adds a lot to the story, and offers some great rewards along the way. This guide will show you how to start SM03: The Mystery Augs in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, how to finish each step, which rewards you’ll get.

the mystery augs side mission deus ex mankind divided
How to start it: It will automatically start after you get examined by Vaclav Koller.

Confront Sarif in my apartment

Description: David Sarif designed my augmentation system. If I want answers about these strange new augs that Koller found inside me, he’s the man to ask.

Simply go to your apartment and use the remote control on the table to initiate a video call. After you talk to Sarif, you’ll have to wait a while after the next step become available. It will pop up only after you return to Prague after Golem City.

Investigate the scientist’s apartment

Description: Sarif thinks my new augs were designed by a scientist named Vadim Orlov. And when he tried to find Orlov, he discovered he’s in Prague – in an apartment on Hlvvani Street, near TF29. Something tells me that’s not a coincidence.

After a while, Sarif will call you and tell you to investigate Vadim Orlov’s apartment in the north of the Palisade district. The easiest way to enter it is by going into the Rose Garden cafe, taking the stairs to the upper floor and exiting the terrace. Jump up onto the open door so you can reach the roof more easily. Follow the roof to Orlov’s building, then go along the ledge until you reach his balcony.

Once inside, make sure you pick up the Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard from the scientist’s body. Crack the wall safe (the code is 3608) and take the Confidential Medical Report and the Breach Software. Now you wait for Sarif’s call once again. It will come during your third visit to Prague.

Contact Sarif again

Once you’ve landed in Prague for the third time, the phone in your head will ring once more. You’ll have to head back to your apartment again, and call Sarif back from your TV-phone. After the conversation ends, so will the side mission.