Cult of Personality Side Mission SM02 | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Cult of Personality is one of the many side missions in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It involves investigating a religious cult operating in the sewers below Capek Fountain.
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You’ll get to confront a powerful hypnotist and earn some nice prizes. If you don’t want to murder anyone, you’ll face some tough challenges. When you finish the mission, you’ll unlock the Cult of Personality achievement. This walkthrough is going to show you how to start and complete SM02: Cult of Personality in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

How to start: Talk to Viznik in the sewers below Adam’s apartment building. Go to the manhole in the alley south of the building, go down the ladder and turn right. Follow the tunnel to the left until you reach a trembling man standing before a locked door.

Enter the locked area

Description: Viznik seems equally drawn to and terrified of someone named Richard. I’ve agreed to meet this man and loko into watever it is he’s doing.

Viznik will give you a keycard. Use it to open the large door and enter the cult’s meeting place. As you approach the pedestal, a conversation with Richart will start. Cycle through all the options and the dialogue will end.

Find a way to confront Richard

Description: I’m starting to understand Viznik’s fascination with Richard. The man hides behind a screen, dictating and watching over everyone. He’s trying to create some kind of pacifist utopia. But the influence he has over these people – over me – isn’t natural.

Go to the space below the giant screen and look for a crumpled poster on a container. The poster will point you towards Liberio, Richard’s old partner.

Seek out Liborio

You can find Liborio in his magic shop, on the east side of the square that hosts Palisade metro station. Talk to him about Richard, and he’ll offer a way to stop him. Liborio would prefer if you didn’t hurt Richard, but the choice is yours. He’ll give you some signal jammers to place in Richard’s lair.

Install the signal scramblers

Description: Richard’s ex-partner Liborio gave me a way to confront Richard without anyone getting hurt. If I can install these devices on the emitters inside Richard’s compound, it should undermine his ability to amplify his hypnotic techniques.

Find the three emitters in the compound and place blockers on them. Climb the ladder behind the podium – they’re all up there. Look for small metallic boxes hanging on the walls.

Reveal Richard to the others

Walk down to the podium and start the conversation with Richard. In order to solve the conflict peacefully, your choices should be:
  1. Pity
  2. Mitigate
This will make Richard realize the error of his ways. He’ll unlock the doors to his chamber afterwards, so this would be a great time to change your mind and murder him, if that’s what you’d like. Either way, you can grab some nice stuff from his room, like a pad with some Breach Software. Once the conversation is done, you’ll also unlock the Cult of Personality trophy.