The Calibrator - SM04 Side Mission - Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The Calibrator is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that starts once you talk with Koller at the end of the third main story mission “Getting in Top Shape Again”. Mission is pretty straight forward, but the interesting part about it is how you want to approach the conversation with Otar Botkoveli.
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Depending on your choices here you will be able to earn Honor Holds Us All Together Trophy/Achievement, but there are consequences to think about.

You want to go to Palisade station in Prague (northwest part of town). As you exit the station go towards the Tubehouse and contine right. First door to the left, past the Tubehouse building, has a wall you can jump over. Past the wall is a little courtyard with a manhole cover leading to the sewers and Otar’s casino (it is to the south as you enter the sewers).


Otar Botkoveli conversation options

You can skip the conversation with Otar entirely, but this will prevent you from getting the “Honor Holds Us All Together” Trophy (and a followup trophy All in the Family). As you enter the casino you will hear a conversation between Otar and his henchman with the old thug complaining about people not being genuine and polite. This is a hint about how you should approach your conversation with him. During your debate with Otar you will have to choose three times between three approaches – Straight Talk, Compliment or Dodge. Last conversation option (if you get to it) will be to Accept or Refuse to do Otar a favor in exchange for the item. Even if you refuse you will get the “Honor Holds Us All Together” Trophy, but you will have to steal the Calibrator and you miss out on the “All in the Family” Trophy. Choose these options during the conversation for a clean debate:

  1. Straight Talk
  2. Straight Talk
  3. Straight Talk (some say you should do Dodge here, but one of my tries ended the convo prematurely that way)
  4. Accept
SPOILER: If you accept to do a favor for Otar he will ask of you to kill someone in Golem City. If you are not a murdering type you can still warn the target there’s a price on his head and he will disappear, which will let you complete the favor and forward the story towards All in the Family.

Otar Botkoveli conversation options deus ex mankind divided

Stealing the Calibrator

If you don’t like dealing with gangsters or owing them favors you will have to get the Calibrator some other way. One of them is sneaking about the casino and stealing it. You can go all Rambo on the Dvali thugs, but if you didn’t want to do favors for gangsters I doubt you want to add 20 counts of murder to your resume.

Once inside the Palisade sewers go towards the casino, but before you reach the entrance there are pipes on the the ceiling with crawlspace available above them. Jump onto them and crawl until you reach a vent entrance. This will get you inside a toilet in the casino. Sneak out of the toilet and towards the first door on the left. As you enter the door turn immediately right and go down a ladder. Above the pipes in front of you is another vent shaft you can crawl through (You find a Triangle Code along the way). You’ll find yourself in Otar’s office. There are three thugs patrolling the area so make sure you avoid or disable them. Safe is in the northeast corner of the room and you can hack it to find the Calibrator inside.

This finalizes the Calibrator side mission. Koller will get in touch and say he doesn’t have time to help you right away (all that work for nothing), but you will be able to get it installed the second time you return to Prague.

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  1. C

    I didnt ever hear otar talking to them. I just heard some faint mumbling and assumed it was gangsters talking. And then i stealthed the whole thing…didnt even know this was an option………..

    Okay. Guess i have to save it for my violent playthrough.

    I am going with a non lethal playthrough anyways

  2. J
    James B

    No offense but this is wrong. I got max positive by doing dodge, compliment, then straight talk.

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