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The Golden Ticket is one of the early side missions in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. You can start it in Capek Fountain, the starting area in Prague.
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It involves dealing with extortionists and forgers who prey on the weak. If you play your cards right, you’ll unlock the Golden Ticket achievement. This guide will show you where to start SM01: The Golden Ticket in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, how to finish it.

How to start: Approach the police checkpoint in the north-eastern part of the starting area in Prague. Talk to the police officer and tell him you’re interested in getting a pass.

Meet the document agent

Description: A cop named Drahomir is running one of the shadier Aug checkpoints I’ve ever seen. I should meet his friend “the document agent” if I want to learn more about his operation. Apparently he’ll be waiting for me by a courtyard behind an apartment building in Prekazka. I think I know the place he’s talking about. It used to be an old toy factory.

You’ll find the document agent behind Adam’s apartment building, next to the entrance to the toy factory. Talk to him and choose an option where you decline the offer to buy a pass. This will open up the next step.

Confront the forger upstairs

Description: There’s a girl upstairs named Milena who sounds like she’s at the heart of this thing. She makes the false documents that these scam artists then push onto augmented clients.

Now you have two choices – you can either kill the agent and his bodyguard, or sneak inside. If you choose the latter, you can use the nearby construction platform, as well as the ledges on the surrounding buildings to get into the courtyard. The easiest way to reach the forger is to take the vent in the storage room to the left of the entrance.

If you agree to help deliver the permits to the clients, the mission will continue. Milena will also give you the code to the safe where the forgers keep their money (2489).

Meet Edward and Irenka

Description: The line between the streets of Prague and the slums of Golem is paper thin for Augs in this city. I’ve got a couple of forget permits that might be able to help two of them stay on the right side of it.

Irenka is hiding out in the basement of the Vincent Van Aug gallery, near Jensen’s apartment. Edward is in a Minimarket Praha behind the entrance to the Capek Fountain metro station. A villain will be holding him at gunpoint, and you can choose how to deal with the thug.

Deal with Drahomir

Description: Drahomir stops augmented people at a fake checkpoint and funnels them into a system of false hope and endless payments. If I choose to shut him down myself, I need to be very careful. One wrong move and the entire city will be on my back for gunning down a guy in a uniform. The safest option is t oget the real police involved. Milena says there’s one female officer nearby who might be sympathetic to the cause.

This one is easy. Just go to the checkpoint and talk to one of the female armored police officers. Choose to tell her all about Drahomir and the forgers’ racket. The police will shoot him dead.

Validate the permits

Your last objective is to validate the permits Milena made for Irenka and Edward. Travel to the Monument metro station. Once you get to the surface, enter the Governmental Registration Office south of the station. Go into the back room (use code 6788) and use the computer to enable the registration console. Approach one of the two working ones, and choose which permit to validate. Whoever you chose, you’ll get the Golden Ticket trophy.



  1. T

    Hey guys, can you add to the walktrough when an how the side missions expire? Can I do the normal main missions (like meeting that other guy in the bookstore) before that or not?

    1. M
      Mark Williams

      If it’s like the previous game it will warn you if you have a mission that will make a side mission disappear, but yes you can do the bookstore mission first, that much I know and very much recommend.

  2. J

    “Deal with Drahomir”
    “This one is easy. Just go to the checkpoint and talk to one of the female armored police officer. Choose to tell her all about Drahomir and the forgers’ racket. The police will shoot him dead.”

    What “easy”? I can’t seem to be able to get a conversation with any of the female police officers. I was able to validate a permit – but I can’t seem to be able to talk to an officer about Drahomir.

    1. J
      jimmy dyke

      same issue seems like a bug the female cops do nothing but say watch yourself aug but do nothing else

      1. A

        There is a specific female cop that only appears after you talk to the forger. She shows up directly in front of the entrance to the park/clearing area where the girl is selling neon. She is flanked by two other cops and can be heard talking about drahomir as you pass.

  3. P

    I get to the last part but the two terminals are not working.

    1. A

      You have to hack the security terminal in the room with the permit terminals first. Below the camera options there is a miscellaneous option (or something like that) that lets you turn on the permit terminals. Then you can interact with them.

      1. M

        I think the thing that might be confusing PJ is that there is a glitch which means the miscellaneous option shows up as a camera, rather than a permit terminal. Selecting activate camera still activates the terminal though, as long as its the glitch camera lists under miscellaneous

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