Mechanical Puzzle Solution in Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Mechanical Puzzle in Palisade Bank is a challenge in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. You can discover it either by exploring, or by playing side mission S05: Samizdat.
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It’s a puzzle with columns that light up when you move them. When you put them in the right positions, a hidden door will open, letting you enter a room with great loot, like a Praxis kit and a piece of Breach Software. It can be pretty confusing. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to solve mechanical puzzle in Palisade Bank in Deus Ex MD, what rewards you’ll get.

If you’ve already tried solving it, you should probably load your last save file before you encountered it. It’s impossible to restart, and the video shows how to solve it from a default position.

You can also go around it, by entering the vent behind the large screen in the room. The vent will lead you to a service tunnel. If you follow the ladder down, you’ll find another vent in the ceiling that goes straight to the secret room. The catch with this method is that you have to have increased jump height. If you don’t want to invest in that particular augmentation, use the video above to help you crack the puzzle.

Here’s what you’ll find once you solve the mechanical puzzle:
  • Praxis Kit (you’ll have to crack a level 1 safe for this one)
  • Breach Software
  • Ebook
  • Credits
  • Forbidden knowledge
This is the only puzzle of its kind we’ve seen so far, and it’s pretty peculiar. It was obviously put there by the CEO as a custom-made lock, to prevent others from rifling through his office. Considering how badly hidden and insecure the safe inside is, it’s good at least something protects the secrets of one of the biggest companies in the world.



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    There is an air vent to the left of the corporate vault elevator that takes you right to the CEO’s office. Would recommend deactivating the turrent by going into the second floor security room and hacking into the computer. There is an air vet next to the main elevator to get in there unnoticed.

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