The Last Harvest SM11 Side Mission | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The Last Harvest is one of the final side missions in Deus Ex Human Revolution. It takes places late in the game and offers the conclusion to the story from SM10: The Harvester.
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It will give you the chance to hunt down the serial killer targeting augs in Prague. If you play your cards right, you can get The Last Harvest achievement once you’re done. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete SM11: The Last Harvest in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

How to start: If you’ve finished SM10: The Harvester, this mission will start automatically after you return to Prague for the third time (when it’s under curfew). Daria will call you via info link and ask for your help.

Check up on Daria Myska

Description: I got a distress call from my neighbor Daria. She’s the only witness to that Aug murder I investigated earlier.

Simply find your way to Adam’s apartment building. Darya lives in number 31. You’ll meet detective Montag in front of it. After you’re done talking, hack the door and go inside.

Find clues about Daria

Description: Detective Montag was lingering outside Daria’s ransacked apartment. At this point I trust him about as much as he trusts me. If I want answers, I need to find them myself.

After you enter the apartment, you’ll have to gather clues. Here’s a list of what you can inspect:
  1. Cat collar
  2. Email
  3. Telescope
  4. Daria Myska’s diary
  5. Bear rug
  6. Blood
  7. Textbook
  8. Broken frame
  9. Hypodermic needles
  10. Accessory
  11. Numbers in blood

Seek out Dr. Cipra

Description: An email on Daria’s computer raises questions about some medical procedure she underwent. Whatever happened to her, Dr. Cipra seems eager to cover it up. If I want to learn everything there is to know about Daria Myska, I should seek this guy out before doing anything else. Cipra’s holed up in a local pharmacy in the Davny district.

Travel to Cipra’s pharmacy near the defunct LIMB clinic, close to the Pilgrim metro station. Talk to him about Daria. The options we chose were appeal, inquire, appeal, frighten, other way. If you’ve got the social enhancer aug, you’ll be able to pressure him into giving you the crucial info.

If not, you’ll have to steal the info. When you’re done talking, take the stairs up to Cipra’s apartment. Hack the level 5 door lock in order to enter. Once you’re in, move the fridge and you’ll find his stash. Take the ebook from it.

Ask about the override

Description: I found an old case study that Dr. Cipra was trying to keep hidden. The study refers to a patient named D who was being treated for social anxiety through neural experimentation. It also mentions an override phrase that can reset whatever it is Cipra implanted into her… If there’s a way to get through all this without anyone else getting hurt, I need to know about it.

If you skip this part, you’ll miss the achievement. Go back to the shop and ask Cipra about the override. He’ll give you the keyword you need to use in the end to unlock the trophy. It’s Ad Hominem 2026.

Follow the trail

Description: I found something that belongs to Daria along with what looks like a trail of blood. If I want to find Daria, I need to figure out where this leads.

Go back to Daria’s apartment and follow the blood trail through the vent in the storage room. It will lead you to the manhole in the alley behind the building. Once you’re down, keep following the blood to your left and into the pipe. You’ll meet Daria soon after. You’ll need the social enhancer here if you want The Last Harvest trophy. Here are the options you should choose:
  1. Confront
  2. Use keyword
  3. Ad Hominem 2026
  4. Persuade
  5. Humanize
  6. Humanize
  7. Approach

Neutralize the Harvester

If, for some reason, you don’t want a peaceful resolution, you can just skip using the social enhancer and fight Daria. The fight might seem scary at first – the cameras, turrets, laser-rigged EMP mines… as well as a Titan aug on your opponent. In truth, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is get out of sight for a while, and wait for her to appear near you. A well-timed takedown will end the fight. Make sure you pick up Daria’s neural chip after the battle – you can sell it to Dr. Cipra for 400 credits. When you try to leave, Montag will appear and try to stop you. Choosing “reason” and “inform” will let you off the hook.