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The Harvester is a side mission that you can play in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It will instruct you to help a local detective solve a murder case by lifting the blame off two suspects.
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It features some sniffing around for clues and a lot of conversations. If you manage to acquit both of them, you’ll unlock The Harvester trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to start SM10: The Harvester in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, how to finish it, how to exonerate Gunn and Radko.

How to start: You can only start this mission after you’ve come back to Prague after visiting Golem City. Go to the alley south of Adam’s apartment building and you’ll find a crime scene. Talk to the bald detective, then to the girl who witnessed the crime.

Talk to Montag

Description: A local cop named Montag is in charge of the crime scene. Daria doesn’t have much faith in his ability to catch the killer and keep her safe. I told her I’d look into it.

After you’ve appeased Daria, talk to Montag and tell him everything. Offer your help and he’ll gladly accept it.

Exhaust all evidence

Description: I’ve agreed to help look into Angela Gunn’s murder. I get the impression Detective Karl Montag could use all the help he can get.

Now it’s time to investigate the scene. You need to find seven pieces of evidence in order to proceed. You’ll find three on Angela’s body: needle, bruises, marks. There are pieces of an augment embedded into the wall next to her. If you go towards the street, you’ll find an EMP fragment. Angela’s ID Card can be found further into the alley, by following the bloody trail. A few steps away, her broken glasses are next to some garbage bags. You should also talk to the Scandalmonger – he’ll implicate Radko Perry.

Talk to Johnny Gunn

Description: Johnny Gunn was married to the victim, Angela Gunn. Montag’s superiors have already made up their minds that Johnny’s responsible. I need to talk to him and decide for myself. Montag says Johnny lives in an apartment a couple of blocks from here.

Talking to Johnny won’t get you any closer to the solution, but it will give you insight into his life and the life of the victim. The next step is what’s important.

Find compelling evidence

Description: I’d rather not rely on Montag’s gut feeling to put a man away. I should try to find something convincing that links Johnny to the murder, or establishes his innocence.

This one is easy, but crucial. Go to the bed behind Johnny, and look for a manilla envelope. You’ll find his medical report inside, which will prove he’s not the killer. His hand augmentations left him without fingerprints, and you found the murderer’s prints on Angela’s body.

Talk to Radko Perry

Description: The victim may have been involved in some scandal with a politician named Radko Perry. Angela Gunn was a journalist and – apparently – she was writing something about Radko that he didn’t like. I should pay him a visit if I want to find out more. Radko runs his campaign out of an old print shop down the street.

Go to Radko’s base in southern Prague (the poor part) and talk to him. After you’re done, investigate his offices. You need to get to the basement – this is where the juicy stuff is. Examine the bear head, then crack the computer and fire up the messenger app. The options you should choose during this conversation are “negotiate”, “bluff” and “confirm”.

Travel to Prekazka

Description: I think I may have found enough to shed some light on Angela Gunn’s murder. At least, enough to let Montag know what fits, and what doesn’t.

Go back to Montag and talk to him. Chose the “about the case” option and go through all the options inside. When you’ve mentioned the removed aug and needle, he’ll remember a similar old case.

Examine Smolenski’s Notes

Description: The evidence I found at the crime scene reminds Montag of another murder. Some old case that had belonged to a dead cop named Smolinksi. Montag told me to look for Smolinski’s files over in police storage.

Go to the police storage facility, hack the door and go down into the basement. Keep to the right and you’ll run into a bunch of old lockers. Break the lock off Smolinski’s locker and get the file. It will point towards an eerily similar murder.

Report back to Montag

Go back to Detective Montag. Talk to him and choose the option “Complete”. Use the evidence you’ve gathered to exonerate both Johnny Gunn and Radko Perry. This is also a great time to implicate the copycat. If you manage to get them both off the hook, you’ll unlock the Harvester achievement. You can still complete the mission even if you only free Johnny. But you’ll only unlock the trophy for the best possible outcome.



  1. M
    M T Mabowels

    I got to finding 6 out of 7 items of evidence. I was crouched so I made to stand up. I accidently pressed the wrong button and punched Detective Montag’s lights out instead. Result the cops shot me down and ‘Mission Over’, gone. I can’t get it back and carry on.

    Pity. I was enjoying this mission.

  2. M
    M T Mabowels

    LOL. Just done The Last Harvest (SM11) follow up mission. It was was terrific. I worked out who the killer was, but I couldn’t quite be sure I was right. Tried several different approaches but at the end of the mission I never did convince Montag that I wasn’t the killer. Nutted him unconscious in the end rather than kill him.

    Great game Square Enix

    Got the mission back by the way. A previous save didn’t take me back as far as it might have.

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