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Neuropozyne is an item in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It’s an expensive medicine that stops the body from rejecting augmentations.
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You can collect bottles of Neuropozyne while playing, and there are several ways to use them. If you’re wondering where to find more or what to do with them, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you Neuropozyne locations & usage in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

You can sell your Neuropozyne on the black market for a pretty price, but keeping a certain amount is always a smart idea. You can trade it for information in certain occasions. If you find someone suffering from withdrawal, you can give it to them, and they might reward you.

Capek Fountain Neuropozyne Locations

After you’ve met with Vaclav Koller in his hideout, take a look around the place and you’ll find a bottle of the medicine on a shelf. If you’re already past this part, just go back to the Time Machine in the south of the area – you can access the place any time.

Go to the back alley behind Koller’s place. Enter the blue dilapidated building and punch a hole in the wall above the matress. Drop down the hole using the pipes and look for a supply stash. There will be 2 bottles of medicine.

The next one is in the courtyard north of the police checkpoint. It is in a safe guarded by a thug. You can either face him head on, or use the ledges to sneak up to him. Once you’ve dealt with him, crack the safe to get the loot.

While you’re in the courtyard, break the wall with the blue graffiti. Jump down into the service tunnel and go left. You’ll find a dead body, with a bottle of Neuropozyne next to it.

Go to apartment 23 in Adam’s building. You can either hack the door lock or jump in through the window using the courtyard fountain. Once you’re in, find the fridge in the kitchen and move it. Crack the safe to get the bottle.

Go into the alley behind Jensen’s apartment building. Go into the sewer, turn right and follow the tunnels until you get to the cultist’s lair. Climb the ladder behind the pedestal, go left and follow the walkway to Great Richard’s room. You’ll find a medical container next to the working desk, with the medicine in it.

Pilgrim Neuropozyne Locations

Go to the apartment building in the north-east of the area. Go up to the top floor and look for apartment number 96. Hack the lock on the door and go to the bedroom. Interact with the clock on the wall by the desk – it will open a secret door. Enter the workshop and pick up the bottles – one is on the shelf on the left side of the desk, while the other is behind the laptop.

Go down to the Pilgrim metro station and hack the door on the far side of the platform. Go down the ladder and follow the tunnel until you hit a wall. There will be a hole on your right. Jump through it and look for the bottle in the medical container.

You can get six bottles in a secret area in the pharmacy near the LIMB clinic. Enter the pharmacy, go into the back and climb the stairs. Go into the vent in the hallway and follow it into the secret room. Turn the valve to shut off the poison gas, then take the medicine from the shelf.

Go into the Libuse apartment building, next to the station. Go up to the first floor and enter apartment 85. Enter the bathroom and you’ll find the bottle on a box next to the toilet.

Neuropozyne in Palisade

When you get off the metro in Palisade, turn right and go into the first store on the right (Negozio di Magia). Go past the shopkeeper and down the stairs into the basement. Go into the first room and look for a medical container under the table. The bottle will be inside.

Neuropozyne in Monument area

Go to the entrance to the Tech Noir store. Look for an elevator nearby and use it to get onto the ledges. Climb onto the roof and go to the other side. Jump onto the terrace on the right and enter the apartment. You’ll find the bottle on the body.

This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more info as we progress through the game.



  1. M

    There’s 3 Neuropazynes in the infirmary in TF29 HQ

  2. M

    There are 4 neuropozine in the vaults underneath the palisade

  3. C

    theres also one in apartment 85. 1 floor down from the 2 you find behind the clock wall.

  4. C

    theres one in praha unneda cleaning supply. theres a balcony there you can get up to from the lift on 1 side of the building and its a dead guy inside with 1 neuropozyne on him

  5. C

    Can’t interact with the clock in room 96 – anyone else having same issue?

    1. Z
      Zero Sora

      Yeah. I have the same problem. I’m pressing that clock all over the place but nothing is happening.

      1. Z
        Zero Sora

        Since I can’t interact with the clock on the wall, I found a vent in the ceiling of the bathroom that leads into that room.

        1. N
          Nick Perry

          It doesn’t activate until later on in the story when you get the mission involved with the room.

    2. N

      You can only interact with it as part of a sidequest/poi (forgot which) after you return from Golem city.

  6. O

    There is 3 Neuropozyne vials along with a whole wealth of other goodies in a secret room above the LIMB Clinic. If you look at the building from the front there is a stone arch to the right. Jump up on that and go through the two grates. You’ll get a Pathfinder exp bonus and can loot a ton of stuff. Make sure to move the throwable objects in the cardboard boxes, they hide a Breach Software and a Praxis Kit among other goodies.

    1. O

      Forgot to mention, there is a pretty obvious stash in the Palisades Pharmacy. You’ll need the rebreather aug to get to it, but all it takes is go into the pharmacy and head toward the stairs. There is a very obvious vent to go into, hang a left and go through the poison gas. In the cabinet in the back is 6 Neuropozyne bottles.

  7. S

    There’s a ton of it in the pharmacy opposite the LAMB clinic in Prague. Go past the pharmacist, walk up the stairs, there’s a vent cover on the wall in the stairwell. The vent is filled with gas, and through it is his secret stash.

  8. B

    There are 6 in a vent on the staircase of the Lekarna Pharmacy, there is a poison cloud in the vent, turn left and hit the valve to turn the gas off, then there are 3 biocells, 4 painkillers and 6 nu-po on the shelf

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