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Breach Software is a type of collectible in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It looks like a data pad – like the ones used for hacking software.
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There are 30 of them total, and collecting them will unlock Breach rewards after a certain number. These can be later used in Breach mode to get better items and equipment. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Breach software locations in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which rewards they unlock.

breach software locations deus ex mankind divided

Prague – Capek Fountain Breach Software

Among the first Breach software you can find in Prague is one in Koller’s Time Machine bookstore. You should visit this place as part of the third main story mission “Getting in Top Shape Again”. If you did the main story mission the bookstore should be free of enemies. Enter the ground floor and go to the right room with book shelves (some of them are toppled). On top of one of the bookshelves are some hacking software and breach.

You can find a piece in the Capek Fountain Metro station. Go down the stairs to the ticket booth. Hack the door and sneak behind the guy in the chair. Go into the vent and follow it until you find a way out. Deal with the two security officers. You can either hack the door to the server room, or use the vent in the smaller room to get inside. The data pad will be on the desk.

Another pad is in the sewer cult’s meeting place (when you reach the end of side mission Cult of Personality). Go to the pedestal with the microphone in the middle of the room, then climb the ladder to the right of it. Go left and follow the walkway. Once you’re on solid ground again, turn right and go through the door. You should be in the room where Richard the Great records his messages. Look for a workstation in the left corner. The pad will be on the shelf to the left of the computer.

Palisade Prague District Breach Software Locations

Go south-east from the Palisade Metro station, then make a left into a blocked passage. Jump over the blockade and look for a couple of storage rooms on your right. Hack the left door to open it, then look for the collectible on the shelf by the entrance, on your left.

When you exit the storage units where you found the last one, go down the stairs into the sewer. Turn left and go into the illegal casino. Take the stairs to the upper level and go into the room behind the bars. You’ll find the software on the desk.

Go into the Tubehouse electronics store across the street from the metro entrance. Go through the back door and down into the basement. The pad will be on a couch in front of the movie screen.

This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with more locations as we play through the game.


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