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Points of Interest are secret locations in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. They can be discovered by trading with information sellers, and visiting them will let you play some really short side acitivites. The rewards you get from them can be quite interesting. This guide will show you a list of all points of interest in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, what you have to do when you visit them, which rewards you’ll receive.

points of interest deus ex mankind divided

Prague Points of Interest

POI: Shooting Range
Starts in: Prague
Description: Aria Argento, TF29’s quartermaster, has suggested I visit TF29’s shooting range. Because, you know, practice makes perfect.

POI: Dead Drop
Starts in: Prague
Description: Alex hid a pocket secretary containing information on Marchenk in a trash bin near my meeting spot with Janus. Just have to look for a familiar chalk mark near the Central Plaza metro.

POI: Rich Man, Poor Aug
Starts in: Prague
Description: An anonymous Pocket Secretary from Kazatel contained a message from the Palisade bank talking about someone with plenty of money but no love for Augs. They live in the rich apartment above the rabbit in Cisty. Maybe it’s time they be a better person and give some charity to a needy non-natural.

POI: Good Cop Bad Cop
Starts in: Prague
Description: Another faceless message from Kazatel, the information seller. Hopefully I’m not wasting my time checking out small leads like this. The Pocket Secretary he gave me mentioned a cop up to something mysterious in Prague. Why am I not surprised? The cop was talking with someone named Jacinta and mentioned an apartment near Maxime’s above the cleaning place.

This guide is a work in progress. We’re going to update it with new Points of Interest as we progress through the game.

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  1. 4

    Am i the only one who found the POI – neighborhood watch mission underneath the Dai Taga bar in Prekaska, Prague and have no clue how to solve it?

    1. M

      You must go back the apartment complex where Adam has his apartment. Go to the first floor of the complex and then go to the apartment on the right-hand side with the white bike parked in front of it. Break into the apartment either through hacking the security panel or simply by going through the window. Then once inside look around the apartment carefully inspect different objects, eg read emails on computer. Then that should be you! I’m stuck on the shots fired POI, can you help with that?

      1. J

        it is in an apartment, you can get there by jumping on a lift, on top of it, then to a roof, etc. just a gun under the bed and messages from an artist who had to sell her work

        1. M

          I found both those things I think but thank you for that! Hopefully it gets patched soon, I’ve heard that its bugged right now for some people!

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