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Side missions are optional tasks in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. They aren’t a part of the main story and can be skipped entirely.
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However, finishing them will provide you with great rewards and additional insight into the story. You can start them through conversations, reading data pads, etc. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all side missions in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, where to find them and how to start doing them.

side missions deus ex mankind divided

Prague Side Missions

SM00: Neon Nights »
Starts in: Prague
Description: There are things worth learning about any new street drug, especially one that’s getting as popular as Neon. What is it exactly? Who controls it? How does it affect the people around me? I’ve heard enough to know that it’s flooding the streets of Prague, drowning its addicts in color. But the only way to find out everything I can about Neon – to ultimately do what’s right – is to keep digging.

SM01: The Golden Ticket »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Getting harder for Augs to move around this city. I’ve seen checkpoints before, but never quite like hte one Drahomir’s got going. He whispers promises to augmented people in need of documentation, tells them that everything’s going to be just fine – as long as you keep quiet and pay the price.

SM02: Cult of Personality »
Starts in: Prague
Description: A straggler named Viznik gave me access to a locked section of the sewers. He claims to have been cast out of some kind of community. Viznik’s not the easiest person in the world to understand, and I suspect it has to do with whatever’s on the other side of this locked door.

SM03: The Mystery Augs »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Talk about a routine repair job gone awry! While I was under his knife, Koller discovered an entire set of highly experimental augmentations hidden inside my systems. I have no idea where they came from, who installed them, or why. But I’d sure as hell like to find out.

SM04: The Calibrator »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Vaclav Koller thinks he can work out the remaining bugs in my aug system with something called a neuroplasticity calibrator. Only one problem: the calibrator is in the hands of a Dvali gangster named Otar Botkoveli.

SM05: Samizdat »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Peter Chang – our cyber crime specialist – says some local hacker’s been digging into Praha Dovoz, the Task Force’s front company. If someone’s out there trying to compromise TF29, it could undermine my own attempts to get answers.

SM06: 01011000 »
Starts in: Prague
Description: I’ve been contacted by someone who claims to know me. Whoever it is, they’re going out of their way to be discreet. If I’m to find out who they are and what they want, I have no choice but to play along.

SM07: Fade to Black »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Dr. Delara Auzenne – the task force psychologist – is worried about a missing agent. Vince Black has been undercover investigating the Dvali crime family, but he’s supposed to have come in from the dark by now.

SM09: All in the Family »
Starts in: Prague
Description: I’ve agreed to do one last favor for Otar. It involves working with Masa Kadlek, owner of the Red Queen.

SM10: The Harvester »
Starts in: Prague
Description: A murdered woman lies in the street. A potential witness – Daria – is worried she saw something she wasn’t supposed to. The victim was augmented and Daria says taht’s enough to keep the police around here from investigating any further.

SM11: The Last Harvest »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Sounds like I haven’t heard the last of Angela Gunn’s killer. Whoever murdered her is still out there, and still terrorizing Prague.

SM12: K is for Kazdy »
Starts in: Prague
Description: Samizdat is organizing a resistance movement focused on getting people out of the city. Unfortunately, two of its key members are being held in custody following a police raid. Time to do whatever it takes to help K and Bones bust out of jail.