Deus Ex Series Might Be Placed On Hiatus for Foreseeable Future

Fans of the Deus Ex franchise are in for a nasty surprise. According to Eurogamer, there won’t be any new games in the series for a while. Instead, Square Enix will concentrate on the new Tomb Raider, as well as their new partnership with Marvel.

Deus Ex Series Might Be Placed On Hiatus for Foreseeable Future
Deus Ex Series On Hiatus for Foreseeable Future

As Eurogamer reports, we might not see a new Deus Ex game any time soon. THe series might be put on hiatus, since Square Enix will be working on other huge projects. This must come as seriously bad news for fans of the series, especially because there were so many story threads left hanging. The plan was to tie together the story started in Human Revolution in a neat trilogy. However, these open questions might remain unanswered for quite some time now, if at all.

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Square Enix will probably shift its focus now to developing the new Tomb Raider game. There hasn’t been any news at all about the game yet. In fact, we wouldn’t even know it existed if someone hadn’t left their laptop with the game’s powerpoint open on a Montreal subway. All we know is that the name of the new Tomb Raider might be “Shadows of the Tomb Raider”, and that’s probably what Eidos Montreal will be busy with.

Meanwhile, according to Eurogamer, Crystal Dynamics will be working on the recently announced Avengers project with Marvel. This is to be the first in a whole series of games. Square Enix announced no news about the game until 2018. It’s highly unlikely that the game will come out that year, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The reason behind this decision by Square probably lies in the relatively low sales of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The game sold decent numbers, even debuting on number 1 in the UK Charts. However, that didn’t last long. Its predecessor, Human Revolution, opened with much stronger numbers. We’ll see what the future holds for the famous sci-fi RPG series.

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