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Sewers area of the Capek Fountain District holds several side missions and various items and collectibles of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is easily accessible from a manhole cover close to Adam Jensen’s apartment. Some of the areas start very interesting side missions, while others bring to an end long quest chains. It is worth visiting if for nothing else than experience one of the best narratives in the game – Cult of personality side quest.

sewer entrance Capek Fountain deus ex mankind divided

Prague POI – Rumors of a cult

As soon as you descend into the sewers you’ll see two women talking about a cult. This should trigger an entry in your journal about the Prague POI – Rumors of a cult. To follow up on this lead go left. In front of you will be a gas filled tunnel and a shortcut to the right. If you have the aug that protects you from gas you can turn off the valve and loot the corpse. He holds the code for a nearby door keypad. Past the gas filled chamber there is a small niche to the left. There is a structural weakness there. Going through takes you to Svobody Beer, but we’ll talk about that later bellow. Next you will come across a locked door to the right. Code is 6122 and you got it from the man’s corpse in the gas filled corridor a couple of minutes ago. Following that path takes you to Konicky & Hracky area for another side mission and we’ll get to it later in this guide. Continuing straight (and not going through the door you just unlocked) you’ll come across a guy having difficulty expressing himself. Viznik tells you about a cult behind the door and starts the side mission “Cult of personality”. Full walkthrough for this side mission is available on our site, but you should know that you can resolve this peacefully if you choose the options “Pity” and then “Mitigate” during the conversation with Richard. What you also need to know is that if you follow the mission all the way through you’ll be able to find Breach Software, Neuropozyne and e-book “Top 10 Tech … Abandoned Technologies” in Richard’s room.

Capek Fountain Sewers – exit to Svobody Beer

From the sewer entrance turn left at a fork. Go past the previously gas filled corridor and soon, to your right, will be a keypad locked door we previously opened with the code 6112. Keep going this way and you can eventually end up in Svobody Beer’s cellar and find an e-book and additional goodies. Go left and through a corridor. You should come across two drones shooting at some civilians. There are marks on the walls here with arrows pointing towards the T4/T5 entrance, which takes you to Svobody. There’s a security level 2 door along the way. As you exit the sewers you’ll find yourself in sort of a storage room behind the walls. Behind a Large Wood Crate is the door that takes you to Svobody’s. At the end of the storage room corridor are additional hacking items and parts and if you lift the cardboard boxes you’ll also find sellables and additional loot. You will have to have the Optimized Musculature aug to be able to move the Large wood crate and enter the back room of Svobody. There you’ll find an e-book and a data log containing a code for an apartment with nice goodies.

Capek Fountain Sewers – exit to Konicky & Hracky

Konicky & Hracky is part of Capek Fountain district where most of the side mission The Golden Ticket takes place. You can reach mission important areas from above ground as well, but the sewers provides a nice way to enter the mission area fully undetected. From the sewer entrance go left at the fork. After the previously gas filled corridor turn left into what seems to be a dead end. The wall actually has a structural instability you can punch through if you have the right aug. Behind is another gas filled room and a body of a dead civilian. Climb the ladder to the right, once you’ve closed off the valve with poisonous gas, and keep going through the vent until you reach the hatch that gets you inside Konicky & Hracky. The Golden Ticket walkthrough has more detailed info, but the short version is you can find an e-book here. To get upstairs duck under the lasers to the left and than duck those on the right while avoiding the security camera. Upstairs you should put the guard to sleep and avoid the lasers by going left and then jumping over the beams when they flicker. Security Terminal’s code is 1980 and it will let you disable all lasers and cameras in the area. There’s another e-book next to the girl in the next room.

Sewers – end of Neon Nights side quest

If you go right at the fork, after you enter the sewers, you’ll enter an area with electric hazard and a security level 5 keypad locked door. Behind the door is a dangerous looking turret. Going this way will eventually take you to a lab producing a new drug in Prague. Side mission Neon Nights will take you here eventually. You can hack (or use your multi tool) the lvl 5 keypad and dispose of the turret with an EMP grenade (throw it somewhere in the corner after the EMP). Past that is the lab with lots of guards. You can sneak past them to get to the head scientist and try making her help you. Or – you can blow everything to smithereens. Either way you’ll find some Neuropozyne in the area and nice loot, along with a great deal of XP for finishing the side quest. Cool thing is that you can finish the quest here even if you did not finish all the mission steps along the way, but I suspect you lose on XP you would be getting for completing the steps.

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