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Neon Nights is a side mission in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. In it, you’ll investigate the Neon trade in Prague, getting to the bottom of a turf war between several gangs.
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There are a couple of points where you may get stuck, so we’ve prepared some help. This guide will show you where to start SM00: Neon Nights in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, how to obtain Neon Nights trophy / achievement.

How to start: Eavesdrop on the junkies in the courtyard west of the police checkpoint. They’ll talk about the Neon trade and mark the dealer’s home on your map.

Dealing in colors

Description: The courtyard just outside my building is a hotspot for drugs – especially Neon. Bonbon and her gang have been dealing there day and night. According to some information I found, the apartment they use as a base of operations is 22 Zelen. That’s two floors down from where I live.

Go to the apartment building where Adam is staying. You need to enter apartment 22, on the first floor. There are several ways to go about this. For instance, you could use the vent in the stairwell between the 1st and 2nd floors. Or you could enter through the front door (the code is 0310). There are 2 dealers to deal with inside. Once they’re down, go to the kitchen and hack the laptop on the counter – it has level 3 security. Reading the emails will end this step and begin the next.

Behind our backs

Description: There’s a place in the Cista district that’s know for its “Neon Nights” – apartment 202 at 33 Hlavni. According to an email I found, someone in that apartment knows a way to bypass the Dvali-controlled dealers. Needles to say, the Dvali aren’t thrilled by the prospect of competition.

Go to the apartment building north of Palisade metro station. The apartment is on the first floor. You can either try to hack it (level 2), or use the remote hacking device to open the shades on the windows and jump in from above. Once you’re in, go to the bathroom and pick up the pocket secretary on the edge of the bathtub.

If you want the rave party keycard, you should hack the laptop, use the house AI to open the wall panels and order a cleaning service. After you leave the area and come back, the flat will be cleaned, and you’ll find a towel in the bedroom with the keycard inside.

Rave Party Keycard

Description: An exclusive Neon party is taking place behind Ludvik courtyard. Apparently, the only way in is with a secret keycard… I’ve never believed there’s only one way to do anything.

Of course, you don’t really need a special key card. There are other ways to enter the building. Follow the map marker to the entrance. If you’ve upgraded your strength, you could move the crates on the left and enter through the service corridor. But beware – the floor is electrified (you can just run along and heal yourself when there’s need). You could also just blow the door up with a frag grenade. Run away as soon as you throw it, and wait for the panic to subside.

Once you’re inside, find a locked room and hack it open. You’ll find a dead body inside. Reading the pocket secretary you’ll loot from it will start the next step.

The door of perception

Description: I’ve got a lead on Prague’s underground Neon distribution network – a false front cleaning service by Pilgrim Station. The door is marked with a swan. Information about this place was on the body of an augmented raver who died from the drug. Someone was trying to warn him that Neon is fatal to anyone with Neuropozyne in their system. As if the Augs in this city didn’t have enough to worry about.

Go to the apartment where the cleaning service is – number 84 in the Libuse Apartments building, in the north-east. Enter it (you can either hack your way in or use the vents), then find the hidden room in the kitchen area. To access it, you’ll need to use a secret switch – the spray bottle by the sink. Go in and crack the safe (level 4). You’ll find a pocket secretary inside, which will unlock the next step.

Where all the colors come from

Travel to the sewers near Adam’s apartment. You’ll need to pass a couple of locked gates (the code is 0311 for both) with a turret between them. The compound is guarded by half a dozen soldiers, a bunch of cameras and some turrets. Your objective is in the far right corner of the base, in a back room. If you sneak inside, you’ll be able to talk to the chemist there. If you warn, then confront her, she’ll shut down the lab (and you get extra experience for Silver Tongue).

If she doesn’t help you, you’ll have to get to the tanks yourself. Either hack the door, or release the ladder and climb to the roof, using the terminal there to shut off the lasers. You’ll need to place 2 batteries into the tanks and activate the terminal inside the room, which will allow you to spill the chemicals. After you push the buton, you’ll unlock the Neon Nights trophy.

Thanks to Carpetfluff, datonedude, ShiftyFella & Noth for the help.



  1. C

    When you break into the apartment, hack the laptop which will allow you to bypass the security alert that’s in progress. It will also allow you to open a wall panel in that room. You can then order a cleaning service, travel away on the subway, come back and the apartment will have been cleaned and upstairs on the bed you will find a towel shaped into a sawn which will have the rave keycard inside it.

  2. D

    if you threaten the neon mixer woman she will shut down the lab for you. reasoning with her doesn’t work unfortunately :/

    1. S

      You totally can persuade her, if you have social speech aug, you get 500exp for doing it that way

  3. N

    Warn+confront and she shut down the lab.

  4. K

    When i Threatened the Neon Chemist she tried calling the guard’s but i managed to shot her with stun gun before she could do anything

  5. J

    You can also hack the computer on the top level of the laboratory room. If you enable friendly fire on the turret watching the tanks, it’ll destroy the tanks for you.

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