Koller – The Time Machine Walkthrough – Prague Capek Fountain

As part of the third main story mission you are sent to visit Koller in his Time Machine bookstore located in the Capek Fountain district of Prague. Koller’s place is initially surrounded by hiostiles and you will have to decide how to go about finding Koller in his safe room. There are a lot of important items that can be found here so we will walk you through the area pointing out the most important locations and how to get to them.

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How to enter the Time Machine

From your apartment the obvious route to Koller’s place is blocked by hostile tugs. There is a police checkpoint right next to them that might also take you to the Time Machine. You can choose to finish the side mission to get yourself through the checkpoint or bribe the guy right there (700 credits), or do neither and find an alternate route. There is a platform that you can activate with a biocell next to the police checkpoint. When you use it to climb to the rooftops you will reach an apartment with a vent entrance (it also contains an e-book and lot of goodies). When you go through it you will find yourself in The Time Machine area. Use the roofs entrance into the bookstore. There are a lot of guards there the first time. If you don’t want to use force I suggest you use the rooftops to reach the east alley behind the bookstore. There’s a room behind the door there containing a multi tool. There’s a structural weakness in the wall here that you can break through and pick up some great loot. However, if you are at the beginning of the game you’ll probably have to go through the bookstore, since the aug that makes breaking through walls possible is not available at this time.

From the east end of the valley you can climb up a small scaffolding and onto the ledges of the first floor windows. Enter the first floor via a window and you can stealthly dispose of the three patrolling guards there. Once you enter the main office on the first floor you can get an e-book “Global Politics Review [2029 edition]”. Pull on the red book and take the elevator down to meet Keller.


Time Machine basement – Praxis Kit

If you are here because of the main story mission go through the cutscenes and conversation. There’s a wealth of things to pick up in the basement. There is a Neuropozyne vial on the shelves close to where you wake up and another e-book. Pick up the rest of the sellables, crafting parts and hacking software scattered around.

time machine neuropozyne deus ex mdJust before the elevator look to your left and there is a wall with rock band posters (Medalicka, Iron Made In China, etc.). There is a painting in the lower right corner that you can activate to reveal a hidden passage. Behind is a gas filled chamber. You can turn the valve to disable the gas. In the lockers is another e-book, but the real treasure hides in the safe across the lockers. You need security level 3 hacking skill to hack the terminal and open the safe. I suggest you invest some points into it because the safe contains a Praxis kit and a Triangle Code.

Bookstore after the main mission

After you speak with Koller you can freely explore the bookstore, since all the thugs are gone. On the ground floor, in the back office and bathroom are lockers with some loot and you can pick up some hacking software and crafting parts all over the bookstore. If you decide to invest into punching through walls skill go back to the east part of the valley and the room there. Go through the structural weakness and at the bottom you will find two very good rifles: Battle Rifle (very lethal) and Tranquilizer Rifle. Pick up the ammo as well since it is scarce and don’t forget the Neuropozyne vials.

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