Triangle Code Locations | Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Triangle Codes are a special type of collectible for Deus Ex Mankind Divided. You’ll need a smartphone with a certain app if you want to use them properly.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Triangle Codes for Deus Ex Mankind Divided, how to scan them, what kind of rewards you’ll get.

How to scan Triangle Code in Deus Ex: MD

In order to harness the full power of the Triangle Code, you’ll need a smartphone with a working camera. Use it to download the Deus Ex Universe app from Google Play or iTunes. If they have a Windows phone, they won’t be able to utilize the codes. Once the app is ready, use it to scan the triangle image. It might not work on the first try, but don’t hesitate to try it again. You need to get the right angle for it to succeed. Judging by the app reviews on the stores, it’s not working as intended. A lot of people are complaining on lag, unstable connections and it generally refusing to cooperate. It might be best to wait a couple of days.

Once the app has deciphered the code, it will unlock one of the rewards. According to the Google Play store page, these include songs from the soundtrack, concept art and hi-res screenshots, behind the scenes videos, and more. For now, it looks like they won’t be offering any in-game rewards. There’s also no achievements tied to them, so we’re guessing they’re meant only for the most dedicated of fans, as a way of showing appreciation for those willing to dig a little deeper.

Triangle code No. 1 – Dubai

At the start of the Black Market Buy mission in Dubai, as soon as you jump down, turn around and open the Airshaft grate and crunch in. Next to a dead construction worker you’ll find the first Triangle code.

Triangle code No. 5 – Palisade Station

At the end of the Palisade Station move the vent cover above Picusgroup posters, and go through the tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel you’ll find code no. 5 on a shelf, between Clean bottles.

Triangle Code No. 8. – Police Checkpoint

From Adam’s Apartment go towards Police Checkpoint. Next to a huge billboard “Not Here” you’ll see a lifter. Use the lifter to reach the top of the stone gate, then jump onto air conditioner, and reach a balcony on a purple house. Enter through the balcony door and you’ll see a movable Cardboard box in a far left corner. Throw it away and you’ll find the Triangle no. 8.

Triangle No. 14. – Koller’s Shop

In the Time Machine bookshop, go up the stairs – keep to your right. On the first floor turn left, then first left, and go through the door. After examining Mysterious red Book on a bookshelf, a secret door opens. Use the elevator and choose Workshop level that leads to Koller’s Shop. Once you exit the elevator look to your right. There is a wall with rock band posters (Medalicka, Iron Made In China, etc.). Activate a painting in the lower right corner and it’ll unveil a secret tunnel. The tunnel leads into another room where you’ll find Triangle code number 14 inside a locked terminal – Security rating 3.

Triangle No. 15. – Palisade Sewer

Enter the Palisade Sewer, turn right, jump onto pipes and head towards restricted zone. In a huge room, go through the first door on the left side, then go down the ladders. Turn around and you’ll spot a vent entrance just above a huge pipe. Triangle code no. 15 is inside the vent tunnel.

Code No. 16. – Chikane’s Place

During the mission “Tracking down the real terrorists“, you’ll get objective to meet Smiley in his office. Once you enter the Chikane’s Place, look across the room and you’ll find a vent tunnel just above a green-blue machine. A tunnel leads into a warehouse, where you’ll find a huge poster of two airplanes on a wall. After activating the frame, metal drawers will unveil a hidden room. Look inside the room, and you’ll spot the item on a shelf to your left.

Code No. 22. – Miller’s Apartment

During the mission “Checking out the men in charge“, you’ll get objective to search Miller’s Apartment. In the bedroom strike a punching bag, and a secret door will open. Enter the room and look for a collectible on the bottom shelf.

We’re going to update this guide with images and locations of Triangle Codes once the game is out. If you find codes we haven’t mentioned, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or drop us a line.