Diablo 4 Serpentine Path, Follow Serpent with Your Allies

The Diablo 4 Serpentine Path Follow Serpent with Your Allies quest step has been causing some confusion among players. If you just follow the minimap, you’ll eventually come to a place blocked by the snake’s bulk. You can’t do anything to break through. In this guide, we are going to explain what you actually need to do next. It is kinda vague, so I don’t blame you for not figuring it out.

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diablo 4 serpentine path follow serpent with your allies
Diablo 4 Serpentine Path, Follow Serpent with Your Allies

Follow the Serpent with Your Allies Diablo 4 Serpentine Path

To complete the Serpentine Path quest in Diablo 4, you need to follow the serpent with your allies, that much we’ve established. However, a lot of people get stuck when they arrive to the point shown on the map above. I’m not sure why. Maybe they get too used to following the minimap and get confused when they bump into the giant snake blocking the path forward. What you need to do instead is leave the path and head north and along the body of the snake as closely as possible. Eventually, you’ll find a part of the snake’s bulk that you need to hit in order to open the way forward. There’s a bug you might encounter there, as described in our Slow Beating Heart Can’t Progress guide.

So, yeah; as it turns out, when the Diablo 4 Serpentine Path quest tells you to follow the serpent with your allies, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. Forget about what the minimap is telling you; it’s not always as “truthful” as you might think. Just think of it this way: whatever a quest tells you to do overrides everything else. Sure, it’s not pleasant to walk knee-deep into the swampy muck, but it’s what you have to do. That about does it for this guide. If you need help with anything else in Diablo 4, check out some of our other guides, like Fiend Rose Farming Locations and Scosglen Side Quests Locations.

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