Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare Location

Having trouble finding the location of the Ancient Nightmare in Diablo Immortal? The game features a lot of content and events, and one of these are the Zone Events. Each region in the game has a different Zone Event associated with it. For Mount Zavain, this is the Ancient Nightmare. The issue here is that many DI players are unsure of what they need to do in order to get this event. To help you, we have written this guide in which we will explain where and how to start the Ancient Nightmare Zone Event in Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare Location

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare Location

First things first, let’s see how to begin Zone Events. To do this, you will have to beat the game on Normal difficulty first. Doing this unlocks new difficulty levels, starting with Hell 1. To be eligible to switch over to Hell 1 difficulty, your character must be at least Level 60. Once you meet this prerequisite, you can then switch over to Hell 1. This is when Zone Events become available. The Ancient Nightmare is in the Mount Zavain area. Specifically, it patrols around the Misty Valle there. You can see this pattern in our screenshot directly below.

Mount Zavain Ancient Nightmare Location
Mount Zavain Ancient Nightmare Location.

When Does Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain Spawn

Take note that, even when you unlock these Zone Events, this doesn’t mean that they are going to be available all the time. The Ancient Nightmare specifically spawns every two hours from 8 AM until midnight server time each day. The difficult thing about defeating the Ancient Nightmare is its shield. There are altars scattered around the zone that you can activate. These emit a light and when the Ancient Nightmare is in close proximity to them, it can be damaged more easily. Employ these altars to take it down. If you are interested in another Zone Event, we have also written a guide on how to do the Haunted Carriage.

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