Best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Gems

What are the best legendary gems for Demon Hunters in Diablo Immortal? In most previous Diablo games finding the best gear was the bread and butter of any good build. This in a way remains the same for Diablo Immortal, but there are some things that are even more important – Legendary Gems. These extremely rare and powerful items can completely alternate your character, skyrocket their stats and provide you with new powerful effects. Getting even just one 5-Star gem will cost you a lot of time and money. Thus, it’s extremely important to understand which ones have the best synergy with your class and build. In this guide, we explain which gems to use with the Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal.

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Best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Gems

Best Gems for Demon Hunter Diablo Immortal

Alongside the Necromancer, the Demon Hunter has quickly become one of the most popular classes in Diablo Immortal. It’s an excellent ranged class with a plethora of interesting builds focused on mobility, DPS, and range. It’s a great class for players who like to engage groups of enemies from afar and avoid any unnecessary damage. Due to their fragility, they require a lot of micromanagement and proper positioning, thus they might feel hard to play for beginners.

When choosing the best gems, we take into consideration their skills and potential synergies. We also look at their strengths and weaknesses. Some of the picks below allow us to mitigate damage and add to survivability, something that this class lacks. In addition, we also look to utilize the crazy DPS of Demon Hunters to apply additional effects on top of that damage. With that said, we consider these to be the best Legendary Gems for the Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal:

  • Chip of Stone Flesh – Each time you cause an enemy to lose control, you will also apply an explosive curse. When the curse expires, the enemy will explode for damage equal to 45% of all damage taken during its duration. Up to a maximum of 150.00% base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds per target.
  • Blood-Soaked Jade – Increases all damage you deal by up to 8% and your Movement Speed by 10%, with less damage bonus the lower your Life, to a minimum of 4%
  • Echoing Shade – Your attacks have a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone for 8.00 seconds that gains some of your abilities.
  • Phoenix Ashes – Prevents fatal damage, and then grants a shield for 6 seconds that absorbs damage equal to 450% of your base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 180 seconds.
  • Seeping Bile – Your attacks 4% chance to poison enemies, inflicting 25% base damage + 263 every second for 6 seconds. This poison spreads to nearby enemies if the victim dies. Cannot affect the same target more often than once every 20 seconds
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