The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date & Time

The Boys is a TV adaptation of Garth Ennis’ comic book. Ever since the show debuted in 2019, it has been a hit with audiences and critics alike. The Boys is the name of the titular covert ops team that opposes corrupt and psychopathic superheroes. The series as a whole explores themes of power, both in the hands of superpowered individuals, as well as the power that corporations wield. As such, it is like a hyperbolic metaphor for the current state of our world, viewed through a darkly comical mirror. The first three episodes of season 3 are already out and fans are wondering when is the next Boys episode supposed to air. In this article, we are going to tell you the exact release date and time for The Boys Season 3 Episode 4, as well as where and how to watch it.

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The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date & Time

When Does Episode 4 of The Boys Come Out

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 is scheduled to air this Friday, June 10th, 2022, at 3 AM Eastern Standard Time / 2 AM Central Time / 12 AM Pacific Standard Time / 8 AM Greenwich Mean Time. The episode itself is titled “Glorious Five Year Plan”. This is an allusion to the “First five-year plan” in the USSR – a list of economic goals for the Soviet Union. It is also a reference to the Soviet team of superheroes that existed and operated during the Cold War era.

How to Watch The Boys Season 3 Episode 4

The only way you can legally watch The Boys is via Amazon’s Prime Video streaming platform. Since this is a Prime-exclusive, it’s only to be expected that you need an Amazon Prime subscription in order to watch it. The good news is that, if you do not have an Amazon Prime account, you can easily make one, and try out the service for free for an entire month.

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