Diablo Immortal Character Missing Solution

The Diablo Immortal character missing solution is something that a lot of people seem to be after at the moment, and we’re here to provide some help. An alarming amount of players have met with this issue, where it seems that their Diablo Immortal character has up and disappeared, as if due to some kind of bug. Has your Diablo Immortal character been deleted? What is actually going on? We’ll, let’s try and make sense of the situation.

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diablo immortal character missing solution
Diablo Immortal Character Missing Solution

Diablo Immortal Character Disappeared Solution

The solution to the issue where you Diablo Immortal character has gone missing or has disappeared varies depending on how exactly the character got “deleted.” If you have linked up your Diablo Immortal with your Battle.net account properly ahead of making a character and haven’t encountered any problems there, then your character is probably on a different server in your region. What you need to do is comb through all your regional servers until you find one that doesn’t immediately prompt you to make a new character. That’s where your character should be.

If, on the other hand, you’ve created the character as a guest, before linking accounts, or have encountered an error during the merging process, things get a lot stickier. Namely, you might have to keep playing as a guest, because whenever you try playing via your Battle.net account, you won’t have access to your character. So, if you encounter the Diablo Immortal character disappeared or missing “bug” this way, the only solution at the moment is to contact support. Since many, many players have already done so, we can hope the devs will find a fix soon.

Addendum to the first paragraph: if you want to play with friends, their characters also need to be on the same regional server as yours. Otherwise, they’ll likely have to make new ones. If you know of any other fixes for the Diablo Immortal characters getting deleted, let us know n the comments. The situation is really not ideal at the moment, all in all. A rocky launch does not mean a game dies on the spot, of course, but these problems should be a priority for future fixes.

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    “…then your character is probably on a different server in your region” This was all I needed to fix my issue. I was not seeing my mobile character on PC, and I knew I was signed in properly on both devices. I did not see any indicator on the server browser that I had a character there, but I selected the server anyway, clicked play, and boom there it was! Thank you!

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