Diablo Immortal Reroll Bounties, Mobs not Spawning

If you need to know how to reroll bounties in Diablo Immortal in order to get rid of bugged bounties where mobs are not spawning, you’ve come to the right place. The bounties are all sorts of messed up right now, so knowing how to switch them will definitely come in handy. With all that said, let’s dive straight in.

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diablo immortal reroll bounties mobs not spawning
Diablo Immortal Reroll Bounties, Mobs not Spawning

How to Reroll Bounties in Diablo Immortal

To reroll bounties in Diablo Immortal, in case you run into a bugged bounty where mobs are not spawning properly or something, the first step is to quit the one you’re already on. To do that, simply go into the Quests menu, click or tap on Bounties, find the offending one, and click Abandon. Then, go back to Westmarch and open the Bounty Board again. You’ll notice that every bounty that’s up has a little refresh icon in the top right corner. Click that, and you’ll get a new bounty in its stead. You can do this up to three times a day, which should be enough for you to find a different quest to do. Not that it will mean much, considering that a lot of them are bugged, and all of them are kinda tedious.

So, there you have it, that’s how you can reroll bugged bounties in Diablo Immortal if the mobs are not spawning, or you run into some other glitch. Or if you just don’t like the bounty you’ve picked up already. We’ve touched on this already in our Clearing the Cobwebs, Kill Spiders Solution guide, where said spiders spawn at a laughably slow rate. I mention this just to drive home the point that, while bounties are easy ways to grind out bits of loot, some of them are just not worth it. They should be easy and quick busywork; feel free to skip anything else.

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