Dishonored 2 Achievements List

Dishonored 2 is on the horizon. With only days left until the game launches, everyone is abuzz and trying to find out as many details about the game as they can. So far, Bethesda has been very generous about releasing information about the upcoming stealth action-adventure. A list of achievements has been released, totaling at 50 different challenges. Some of them can be earned naturally as the game progresses, but some of them will require skill, time and dedication. You won’t be able to earn all of them without multiple playthroughs, which will add a lot of replay value. This guide will show you a list of Dishonored 2 achievements and how to get them.

Beware, some of these achievements contain major spoilers!

Dishonored 2 Achievements List

Dishonored 2 Achievements – General

Imperial SealRecovered your signet ring
Jewel Of The SouthReached Karnaca
Fearless FallDrop from Addermire’s highest point and take out an enemy below
EurekaCrack the Jindosh lock without finding the solution elsewhere
Flooded BasementDrain the water to recover a rune
DilapidationFind the hidden balcony passageway
Familiarity Breeds ContemptRob Galvani multiple times
The LoversLink 2 characters with Domino just before one kills the other
Sliding MarksmanScore a headshot while sliding
Occult CarverCraft 10 bonecharms
Heartbeat ReaperEliminate 6 enemies in less than 1.5 seconds
Fatal RedirectKill an enemy with their own bullet
Circle Of LifeCast Possession once, chaining between human, hound, rat, fish, and bloodfly
GhostlyFinish an entire mission without being spotted
Alternative ApproachFinish an entire mission with no casualties
Black Market BurglarRob a black market shop
Well FundedFind 60%of available loot
SouvenirsCollect all the decorative objects for the Dreadful Whale
Heart WhispersUsing the Heart, listen to the secrets of 40 different people
Clockwork CollectorObtain numbered plates for all clockwork soldiers
Art CollectorAcquire all collectible paintings
Royal SpymasterPeruse all journals and audiographs by Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov aboard the Dreadful Whale
Songs Of SerkonosFind 3 musical duds across Karnaca, and listen to their songs
RogueEliminate 20 unaware enemies

Eliminate 10 enemies with drop assassination

ShadowFinish the game without being spotted
Flesh And SteelComplete the game without supernatural powers
The Royal ProtectorFinish the game with Corvo Attano
The EmpressFinish the game with Emily Kaldwin
In Good ConscienceComplete the game in Low Chaos
Empire in ChaosComplete the game in High Chaos
Clean HandsComplete the game without killing anyone

Dishonored 2 Achievements – Story

The Beast WithinDealt with Dr. Alexandria Hypatia
Labyrinthine MindFound Anton Sokolov in the Clockwork Mansion
A Night In 1849Visited the past
Spirit ThiefTook Delilah’s soul
Down With The DukeEliminated duke Luca Abele
The Greatest GiftSaved your last known family member
Freedom Of SpeechSaved the printer of The Dunwall Courier
Morbid TheftStole a corpse for Mindy Blanchard
Stay Of ExecutionStopped the Grand Guard from pushing a citizen into the wall of light
Counter-serumChat with Dr. Hypatia aboard the Dreadful Whale
Place Of Three DeathsKill Paolo three times
SilenceEliminate Jindosh without him ever knowing you were there
Oracular EchoesListen to the voices of the Sisters of the Oracular Order
Howlers ‘Til The EndSide with the Howlers in the Dust District
Faithful To The AbbeySide with the Overseers in the Dust District
Under The TableObtain Stilton’s master key from under the table, with the guards there conscious and unalerted
Years Ago, Another TimeHeard Meagan Foster’s story
GazeboPay tribute to Jessamine one last time
This guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more info when the game is out.

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