FFXV Elemancy & Magic System

Elemancy – Magic System is part of FFXV that makes combat even more fun. To defeat opponents in FFXV you don’t need to use weapons all the time. This is where the magic spells come in handy. All magic spells in FFXV can be divided into the elemancy and accessory categories. Elemancy is where you craft the magic from the materials gathered throughout the world. Accessory items like The Ring of Lucii cast the most powerful spells.

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How does Elemancy work?

Elemancy is the art of channeling elemental energy into a destructive force. There is a dedicated Elemancy option in the main menu. Click on it to bring up the Elemancy tab. This is where you can craft the spells. In order to do so, you’ll need at least one Fire, Ice or Lighting. Furthermore, you can add items, ingredients and treasures, increasing the strength, or adding additional effects.

Just like the elemental damage sounds, it damages everyone in its cone. It works like an AOE spell, since once thrown it catches the entire area where it lands.

  1. To start the crafting process, open the elemancy tab and add the owned ingredients.
  2. The chosen added ingredients combined create a special effect spell. This is when you can add the additional ingredients if you want. Hit the craft button.
  3. Created spells differ whether you add fire, ice or lighting, or mix them. For example, a single fire ingredient creates a spell that inflicts fire based elemental damage, turning the field into fire and damaging everyone. Meanwhile, the lighting one creates a spell that inflicts electricity-based elemental damage.
  4. Once crafted the spell’s history is kept. You can press the appropriate controls button to review the list and quickly craft more of the same.
  5. The amount of added elemental energy (fire, ice, lighting) raises the potency of the spell. More potency equals a more powerful spell. If you raise the potency above 100, it produces a higher tier spell.
  6. Deposits of fire, ice and lighting energies are found in nature. Noctis can absorb power from these deposits for crafting spells.
  7. If you choose to add the non-elemental ingredients, they make a similar spell with added effects. They serve as catalysts for bonus effects. These effects can for example heal the caster, multiply the amount of effects (three thunders instead of one), add poison effect and more.
  8. You can’t stock up the spells. Their inventory limit is determined by the amount of flasks you have. One flask can hold up one type of a spell. To spend the flask, and release it for a new spell, you can cast the spells in combat, or simply by empty it. In the process of emptying the flask, you discard the spell and its ingredients.
  9. Once crafted, spell must be equipped in order to be used in combat.
  10. Crafted Magic spells don’t use MP at all. They have a cool down. You have to wait 30 seconds before you can cast another spell one more time.

Item Spells

Unlike the elemancy spells, you don’t need to refill the accessory items with the elemental energy all the time. To use the accessory item spell you have to equip it. The most famous accessory item that creates a spell is The Ring of Lucii. This ring creates a death spell, that, well, drains the energy from enemies, killing them almost instantly. This spell was revealed in a Death Spell Trailer.Ring of the Lucii FFXV
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