Emily and Corvo Powers in Dishonored 2

Emily and Corvo are both playable characters in Dishonored 2 with unique sets of powers. Those powers were granted to them by an Outsider – a manifestation of Void that represents the source of all magic.
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Not much is known about that being, but he marks the people that he thinks are able to change the world in any aspect, good or bad.

Corvo is very well-known to us, and we know that he used otherworldly powers to move throughout the first game. Emily is now grown up, since 15 years have passed, and has her own set of powers. Unlike the first game, there is not just one upgrade for the power. Every power now branches out, forming the tree of upgrades. You can’t upgrade all the powers in one playthrough. Powers can be linked together. Here is the full list of powers for Emily and Corvo.

emily corvo powers

Emily Kaldwin powers

Full reachPull yourself rapidly across a distance.Pick up objects and people and pull them to you
Dark VisionSee better in the darkness. Observe living things through the walls.Weapons, mechanisms and other items of interest can be seen
MesmerizeSummon a void spirit to enthrall humans or houndsIncreases duration of the spirit.
DominoLink human targets so they die or fall unconscious together
Still unknown.
DoppelgangerSummon a shade of yourself that attracts the enemiesDoppelganger can attack, Emily can swap places with it, or summon 2
Shadow WalkAssume a stealthier form for a short timeCan be used to crawl through rat passages

Corvo Attano powers

BlinkMove forward rapidlyIncreased movement distance in all directions
WindblastGust of wind that shatters doors and deflects projectiles
Kill foes if blown against solid objects
Devouring SwarmSummon rats that attack enemies and devour bodiesCan summon two swarms, or one really big. Rats can be controlled to follow you.
PossessionAssume control of a host for a short time

Can posses people. Can possess corpses. Flying is possible if you possess a bloodfly.

Dark VisionSee better in the darkness. Observe living things through the walls
Weapons, mechanisms and other items of interest can be seen
Bend TimeSlow time for a short durationStop time fully and control it

Flash and Steel

When given a choice – you can say NO to the Outsider and play without powers. The highest difficulty setting in the new Dishonored game will have players traverse through the world without any of the special powers that are normally available. You will have to rely only on your gaming skills as you run, sneak and kill in the this playthrough that will be reserved only for the most hardcore players.

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