Black market locations in Dishonored 2

In Dishonored 2, players will have the chance to run into a black market shop and a salesman while roaming through the streets of Karnaca. They are presented as shops that players use to get some better upgrades for their equipment.
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They can also buy blueprints for a lot of gadgets, weapons, ammo for the pistol or dart gun, items, and even get some additional information about current events.

dishonored 2 black market guide

Dishonored 2 Black Markets

Mission: 2 – Edge of The World
Location: It’s on the docks, in the building all the way to the left. Follow the graffiti with the gloved hands and an arrow. Climb up the stairs and go into the apartment, never straying away from the graffiti signposts.

Mission: 4 – The Clockwork Mansion
Location: The market is close to the beginning of the level. When you exit the underground place where Meagan left you off, you’ll see a huge signal light. There’s a flight of stairs there leading down and the familiar graffiti. Go down the stairs and follow the hallway until you reach the market.
Mission: 5 – The Royal Conservatory
Location: As you enter Cyria Gardens, go towards the passageway on the left, the one above the canal. Go left when you reach the stairs, through the steel door. Turn the corner and you’ll see the barred counter soon enough.

Mission: 6 – Dust District
Location: You will find a black market behind the green doors. Start in front of the Seized building. Go left down the stairs, and continue forward. The black market shop will be behind the green doors.
Mission: 9 – Death to the Empress
Location: As soon as you start the mission, exit the pier and go into the first building on the right. You’ll find the merchant inside. If the front door is locked, you can enter from the back.

How to find a black market in Dishonored 2

  • Explore the level before the main objective
    The hidden black market shop will never be in front of everyone’s eyes. Always try to find an alternate route through the level and check for hidden areas in the game. Make sure you use your powers to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Listen to the conversations of NPCs
    The world of Dishonored is alive, and people like to talk. Often, you can hear them giving some useful information about the world around you.
  • Look for graffiti on the walls
    Be sure to keep your eyes busy, as a nearby black market will advertise itself buy leaving a mark on the wall. If you see one, that means you are very close.

Black market burglar achievement

There is a possibility to rob a black market shop. As each seller is a unique character and each market has a unique story, traders can give you a secondary objective. Also make sure you buy all the things that you need before robbing the market. After you successfully rob the market, you will earn the Black market burglar achievement.

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  1. 1

    Theres a black market in mission 8.

    Its behind the “Winslow Locksmith Shop” through the gate on the right side of the shop.

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      Jennifer Duncalf

      Thanks I was looking for this

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    Safe comnayin on black market shop mission 6

  3. F

    How to Rob the Black Market in Mission 9 (Death to the Empress), please ?
    Or, where is the “normal key” ?

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