Bonecharm Locations | Dishonored 2

Bonecharms are a type of trinket you can find in Dishonored 2. Wearing them will influence your attributes, abilities and powers.
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They can be found in various places, but also crafted. These collectibles can be tough to find, since they’re illegal – both owners and makers of bone charms are criminally prosecuted in the game. In this guide, we’re going to show you all bonecharm locations in Dishonored 2, along with their effects.

Note: This page is under construction. We’ll add exact info on the locations when the game launches.

A Strange Visit bonecharm locations

You will find the first pair of bonecharms on the Dreadful Whale, in your cabin. After the first meet with the Outsider, you will be back in the cabin. Next to the table, you will find the 2 bonecharms in the box.

Edge of the World bonecharm locations

1. This bonecharm is in the condemned building (SEIZED written on it), between the black market and the overseer offices. Go in through the window (there is a body on it), and then go past the bar and up the stairs. Watch out for the bloodfly nest. This bonecharm will be in the nest, so destroy it first (easiest way is with fire).2. This bonecharm is in the safe that is found across the road from the Addermire station (the southwestern corner of the map). The store is called Winslow (just like the safe). To unlock the safe, which is found on the ground floor, near the back, you have to get the code from the nearby cash register. The number is always different, see here how to unlock the safe.
3. Across the building that is infected, there is a large space between the buildings. There is man who is holding a speech. Be careful cause he is surrounded by several of his allies. On the table next to him – there is a bonecharm. 4. In the building that is above the third bonecharm, on the last floor you will find the interrogation room. You must take the key from the guard that is on the floor. Bonecharm is corrupted. 5. On the main square, there is a Cullero cigars building. Go accross the rooftops to the back of the buildings and from there you will see an open balcony. Jump on to the balcony and you will see a bonecharm on the floor next to the enemy. Eliminate or sneak pass by him, and take the bonecharm.6. Same as the last one, go to the rooftops next to the Cullero cigars building. Go across the rooftops and you will see a small hideout on the roof. Corpse will be lying there and the bonecharm will be next to it.