Rune Locations | Dishonored 2

Runes are a type of collectible in Dishonored 2. Once collected, each one will give you one skill point.
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Collect enough, and you’ll be able to either upgrade an ability or unlock a new one. They can be difficult to find, since they’re often hidden in places that are easy to overlook. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Dishonored 2 rune locations.

Dishonored 2 Rune Locations

The purpose of Runes in Dishonored 2 is to allow your character to become better at using their abilities. They also serve to make you abilities stronger, and so your character. Runes are found during missions, and there are many different methods to find them. They are scattered across the map, in Outsider Shrines, and some of them you’ll have to buy at the black market stores. You can even craft Runes.

Mission 1 – A Long Day in Dunwall

An important thing to note is that there aren’t any Runes in the first mission A Long Day in Dunwall (since you still don’t have any powers). The first Rune you will find is in the Outsider’s world, during the segment called A Strange Visit. When you accept the Mark of the Outsider, just follow the level to its end, and the Rune will be there for you to pick up. You can’t finish the mission without collecting it. The final Rune is in the last mission. You have to buy it on the black market.Note: This guide is under construction. It will be updated with precise instructions as we progress through the game.

Mission 2 Edge of the World Rune Locations

1. In mission 2 of Dishonored 2, you’ll find the first Rune in the water left of the Dreadful Whale. Exit your cabin and take the stairs on the right. Exit through the left door to the deck, walk to the railing and dive in. You’ll see a sunken boat. To reach the Rune, swim to the boat, find the opening, and go inside. The Rune is on the left .

2. The second Rune in act 2 is inside a caught whale. When Meagan drops you off, climb the stairs and go left and follow the blood. Go left to find the whale carcass and pick up the Rune from its mouth.

3. You have to buy the third Rune from a black market shop. To find it, climb the stairs next to the whale carcass. Walk through the door next to the guy cutting huge fish under the faded pink building and follow the black market symbols (two hands with black fingers with an arrow underneath that shows you the way). In the building, walk past a man looting a corpse and take the staircase up. Just follow the arrows on the graffiti and you can’t miss it.

4. The fourth Rune is in the canal near the Overseer building. You can see a building with a gigantic SEIZED! on it across from you. Jump into the canal and go right until you reach a small gate. To release the Rune, shoot the plank blocking it. Use the crossbow to avoid alerting the guards.

5. The fifth Rune is nearby, in the Overseer building (the one across the canal from the SEIZED! building). Instead of going into the canal, climb up onto the terrace going around the building. Then, proceed and turn the corner. Be careful of the Overseers. Climb up to the balcony directly above you on the corner. Go inside through the balcony door. You’ll find a safe there. The safe combination hint is in a note on the table with the whale oil, to the right of the balcony entrance. Crack open the safe and collect the Rune and other goodies. Find out more about safe combinations in our Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations guide.

6. The sixth Rune is also near. From the previous Rune location, jump down from the balcony to the long terrace. You’ll see another terrace across the street, so use your powers to jump over. Turn around and you’ll see Overseers preaching to a crowd below you. Put the Overseers to sleep with darts or get them out of the way however you want, then jump down and collect your reward.

7 and 8. To reach the seventh Rune, go back to the corner balcony where you got the fourth Rune (the one you can see SIEZED! from). There’s another balcony on the same side of the building. Jump over to that one. From there, use your powers to reach the roof of the adjacent building to the right of you. Go up the steps towards the green building with the Cullero cigars logo. Keep going until you see another, smaller rooftop in front. Climb up and jump into the water. Use the hanging chain to get back up onto land. To your left is a blue building. Get up onto the balcony and into the apartment. Knock out the Overseer inside and look around. There’ll be a bonecharm and a small shrine to the Outsider. The Rune is on the improvised altar. Keep in mind that Outsider shrines grant you two Runes.