Dishonored 2 Graphic Novel Coming Out on February 20th

The Peeress and the Price is the upcoming graphic novel that will serve as a sequel to Dishonored 2. In it, Emily and Corvo will be facing new dangers after the events of the game. We’ve yet to see which ending the comic book will continue after.

Dishonored 2 Graphic Novel Coming Out on February 20th
Dishonored 2 Graphic Novel Coming Out on February 20th

Hey, remember Dishonored 2? The long-awaited sequel to a beloved game, which ended up selling disappointingly until they reduced the price? It was a good game, and definitely deserved much more love than it got. I mean, even its DLC, Death of the Outsider, is pretty damn fun and interesting. If you ask me, Emily is a much more interesting character than Corvo ever was. Basically, what I’m saying is, Dishonored 2 definitely should have gotten much more TLC.

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So, it’s really nice to see that Dishonored 2 is getting its very own graphic novel, called The Peeress and the Price. The novel will serve as a sequel to Dishonored 2. It will follow Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin, going through new adventures and battling new threats. The Peeress and the Price is going to come out on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018. Currently, you can pre-order the hardcover graphic novel, and it costs $16.99, as per the listing on the Barnes and Nobles website.

The publisher behind The Peeress and the Price is Titan Comics, which seem pretty set on becoming the go-to for video game-based comic books (or graphic novels, whatever). They are the same company behind many video game graphic novels, including Bloodborne, Dark Souls, The Evil Within, and, indeed, previous Dishonored comic books. The artists behind the new graphic novel are writer Michael Moreci and illustrator Andrea Olimpieri. This duo has already worked together on the previous Dishonored comic books, and they have a fair share of other credits individually. So, yeah, I think The Peeress and the Price is in good hands.

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