Monster Hunter World Tempered Kirin - How to Defeat

Tempered Kirin is one of the elder dragons in Monster Hunter World. It’s an upgraded version of the Kirin, and the first boss we actually had trouble defeating. Brute-forcing it won’t work – you’ll actually have to prepare, bring the right gear and items, and have a plan. We presume we aren’t the only ones who struggled with it, so we decided to write up a guide on how to beat Tempered Kirin in Monster Hunter World.

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monster hunter world tempered kirin
Monster Hunter World Tempered Kirin – How to Defeat

How to beat Tempered Kirin

In order to defeat this elder dragon, you’ll need to prepare well. Here’s a list of items we recommend:

  • Tobi-Kadachi armor (any armor with a lot of thunder resistance will do, but this one is easy to farm)
  • Paralysis resistance charm
  • Light Bowgun with slicing ammo
  • Veggie platter (increases your elemental resistances)
  • Coral Orchestra (the Palico gadget that gives you random buffs, including immunity to paralysis)
  • Vitality Mantle
  • Thunderproof Mantle
  • Mega Barrel Bomb (several, as well as the materials to craft several more)

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the Kirin is easier to solo. It will have a lot less HP than if you attacked it in a group, and you won’t have to fear others spending all your faints. The monster will ignore you until you attack, so place two bombs somewhere along its route and detonate when it approaches them. Start a fight in a medium-sized arena. You want to have enough place to dodge, but not have to chase after the Kirin a lot when it charges.

Once the fight starts, steer clear of the beast. Dodge its attacks and pump it full of slicing ammo. Start off by activating the Vitality Mantle. When its effect wears off, equip the Thunderproof Mantle. This way, you’ll have very little downtime between using them. The horn attacks and charges are easy to avoid, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for the lightning attacks. They are the most dangerous ones, and they’ll provide you with the biggest openings. When the Kirin runs away and tries to sleep off its wounds, use another pair of bombs to wake it up.

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