Monster Hunter World Gajalaka Linguistics - Gajalaka Doodles & Tracks

Gajalaka Linguistics is a bounty quest in Monster Hunter World. You’ll have to complete it if you want the Meowlotov Cocktail, the last Palico Gadget. It will task you with finding 10 Gajalaka Doodles. They’re strewn across all areas, and can be a bit difficult to find. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide for Monster Hunter World Gajalaka Linguistics quest, to help you find all Gajalaka tracks.

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monster hunter world gajalaka linguistics quest
Monster Hunter World Gajalaka Linguistics – Gajalaka Doodles & Tracks

Gajalaka Doodles/Tracks Locations

The doodles are almost always near a group of Gajalaka. The best way to find them is by turning on the small monsters filter, then scour the map for clusters of Gajalaka. We’re going to list the locations we found them in, but following the above method is a surefire way to get them.

The first one was in Wildspire Waste, in sector 7. It was on the eastern wall, by the hoodoo. There was another one in sector 3, in the northeastern corner. The Gajalakas mostly ignored us, but they did defend themselves when attacked.

We only found one in the Ancient Forest, and it was in sector 15, high up in the boughs. The group was in the east of the area, and the doodle on a rock next to a giant mushroom and some bamboo.

However, there were a bunch more in the Rotten Vale. Three were clustered together in sector 15, far from any group of Gajalaka, around the crystal-clear pond. The Lynian Researcher was there when we found them, but there’s probably no correlation here.

There was another pair in the arena where the Radobaan and Odoragon meet, in sector 3. Both were in the pit, on the walls near the pass into sector 4. We recommend using a Ghillie Suit to avoid drawing undue attention.

We found just one in the Coral Highlands. It was in sector 12, in a cave to the east, on the plain where the Legiana spends some of its time.

Since you need ten, you’ll have to revisit the old locations. They might not end up in the same locations for you, but make sure you use the map filter for small monsters and track groups of Gajalaka that way – the doodles are bound to be near them.