Division 2 Apparel Cache Locations - How to Get Free Apparel Caches

Apparel caches are loot boxes in The Division 2. They contain random cosmetic items, like backpacks, weapons skins and such, and you can buy them from the in-game store using real money. However, you can get a handful of them for free, just by playing the game. It’s a good way to get some customization options for your character. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Division 2 apparel cache locations, to help you get free stuff.

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division 2 apparel cache locations
Division 2 Apparel Cache Locations – How to Get Free Apparel Caches

Where to find free apparel caches in-game?

From what we’ve seen, there are some side missions which reward you with apparel caches upon completion. This was implemented in the game as a way to let you taste the sweet nectar of proper customization, only to hook you onto buying them with real cash. Here’s how we got some free caches:

East Mall – Support agent Brooks & recover SHD tech side mission
Leveling up – You’ll get two caches each when you reach levels 15 and 20

We’re going to keep playing, and we’ll update this list as we discover more missions that give out free apparel caches.

Division 2 apparel not working

There’s currently an issue with the high-end cache keys obtained through Ubisoft Club. Many players have complained about different problems – duplicating items, disappearing loot and such. If you’ve claimed the keys, your best bet would be to wait for the developers to fix this glitch. It seems like they’ve removed the reward from the club page, which would indicate they’re aware of the issue. If you’ve already used them, try restarting the game. We’ve heard reports that claim it helps, and it’s definitely not going to hurt.

If you’re having any other issues with the game, be sure to check out some of the other guides we’ve written, like the one about backpack keychain locations, or the retro field uniform outfit.

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    william worth

    I miss the clothing vendor that was in the original division. Randomly finding clothing items is a bummer for me ’cause decking out my division agent in my own custom gear set so that I don’t look like every other guy is a personal favorite pastime for me. The original Divisions wide variety of apparel gave me a lot to work with. Unfortunately The Division 2 lacks the apparel vendor and I’m stuck either randomly looting it on the streets, gaining clothes from earned cashes or buying them with real money.

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