Division 2 Retro Field Uniform Outfit Location

Division 2 Outfits are special customization items, and Retro Field Uniform is obtained by completing a secret side mission. Division 2 Uniforms are very rare to find. You probably won’t come across any in the first twenty hours. The first outfit we’ve found, the Division 2 Retro Field Uniform, was in a secret side mission called Navy Hill Transmission in Foggy Bottom. In our Division 2 Uniform – Retro Field Outfit guide, we’ll show you where to find the secret Navy Hill mission and how to obtain the Retro Field Uniform outfit.

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Division 2 Retro Field Uniform Outfit Location
Division 2 Retro Field Uniform Outfit Location

Where to Find Retro Field Uniform Outfit in The Division 2?

To find the Retro Field Uniform Outfit in The Division 2, you have to complete the secret side mission called Navy Hill Transmission. The Retro Field Uniform is a reward for finishing the mission. You get this mission in the Foggy Bottom zone. This is west of Constitution Hall, and south of West End. To find the mission itself, you have to go west of the Foggy Bottom Safe House. Check out the map below for the exact location. The mission giver is hidden away underground. For more detailed info, check out our Division 2 Navy Hill Secret Side Mission Location guide. If you’d prefer a video guide, take a gander at our Retro Field Uniform Outfit Location video.

where to find retro field uniform outfit location division 2

Now for a fun bit of historic trivia for you, in case you’re into that kind of stuff. The Retro Field Uniform outfit itself is, as far as we can tell, based on the uniform of the Office of Strategic Services, or the OSS. This organization was the forerunner of the CIA, and it operated during World War II. It makes perfect sense that you would get this Division 2 outfit in Navy Hill. This location was where the OSS had their base while WW2 lasted. So, why wouldn’t your agent somehow unearth it from there?

So, that’s how you get the Retro Field Uniform outfit in The Division 2. For more information and help with the game, I invite you to mosey on over to our list of The Division 2 guides. Among others, we have Backpack Keychain Trophies Locations, How to Leave Clan, and Best Weapons – Starting & Endgame.

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