Division 2 Backpack Keychain Trophies Locations - Tiny Skeleton, Space Shuttle, Plush Hippo, Flower, Lincoln Bust, Gold Bar, Speaker's Gavel

Backpack keychains are special collectibles in The Division 2. These trophies are vanity items, small ornaments you can hang on your backpack in order to look prettier while saving Washington DC from gangs of looters. There’s a whole bunch of them, and they’re pretty well hidden. They’re also mostly found in mission areas, which aren’t places you roam and explore at your own leisure.

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division 2 backpack keychain trophies locations
Division 2 Backpack Keychain Trophies Locations

Tiny Skeleton Keychain

We found the tiny skeleton during the campus settlement main mission in DCD Headquarters. You can find it in the morgue, after you jump down the elevator shaft. Instead of going up the steps to continue the missions, explore the area to your left and you’ll find a human skeleton model. That’s where the collectible is.

Space Shuttle Backpack Keychain

The space shuttle keychain is located in the Air and Space museum. When you start the mission, you’ll find a crashed space shuttle about halfway through it. Approach the shuttle and investigate the ground around the cockpit.

Capitol Hill & Supply Crate Keychains

You’ll get these two as rewards – the former for participating in the beta, the latter for completing the Dark Zone East introduction mission during it. They can both be claimed throuhg the grants menu, just like the preorder bonuses.

Plush Hippo & Speaker’s Gavel Keychain

The hippo toy is pretty easy to get – you’ll find it on the roof of the Theater after you’ve completed a couple of upgrades. Same goes for the gavel – you’ll get it after you rescue president Ellis in the main story mission.

Lincoln Bust Backpack Keychain

You’ll get this one during the Lincoln Memorial main mission. When you enter the museum, go into the left back corner, where the cafe is. You’ll find it inside, on the right, on the ground between two souvenir shelves.

Plush Flower & Tommy The Teddy Bear Keychain

You can get the flower after you upgrade the Campus settlement two times. You’ll find it near the sunflowers past the band stage. Tommy the Teddy Bear is a preorder bonus for PC players, and you’ll need to claim it through the Grants page.

Gold bar keychain location

You can get this one during the Bank Vault mission. When you enter the vault, turn right and go into the other room. Turn right again and look for it in the corner, in a pile of money.

Here’s a list of other keychains we’ve heard of, but haven’t still found ourselves:

US Flag: Obtained through Ubisoft club when you get the Tier 4 Shield in the first game.
Spray Painted Bobblehead: Drops from the Hyena boss in the District Union Arena stronghold (may not drop every time).
Flag & Dog Tags: Drops from the Capitol Building stronghold (True Sons) boss (not a guaranteed drop).
Blood Vial: Found in the Roosevelt Island stronghold (Outcast), in a dresser before the tunnels.
Hunter’s Axe: Obtained from the Ivory Chest in the Base of Operations. You’ll need the eight keys, which drop from hunter bosses.
Traffic Cone: Reward for collecting all the intel (15 pieces) from contaminated zones.

Where to Find T-Rex Keychain in Division 2?

To find the T-Rex keychain backpack trophy in The Division 2, you’ll have to complete the Tidal Basin stronghold. The keychain will drop from the mission’s final boss, Milla “Wyvern” Radek, among a ton of other loot. It should drop the first time you manage to kill Wyvern, and we got it on Story difficulty, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.