Division 2 Daily Bounties - Where to Find & How to Unlock

Daily bounties are a type of activity in The Division 2. They’re time-sensitive assassination missions. Each day, you’ll get a handful of targets that require elimination, and if you take them down, you’ll be rewarded with XP, money and gear. However, you’ll first need to unlock the option to receive daily bounties, which is hidden behind a mission. This guide will show you where to find daily bounties in Division 2.

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division 2 daily bounties
Division 2 Daily Bounties – Where to Find & How to Unlock

How to unlock daily bounties?

In order to gain access to daily bounties, you’ll need to recruit Otis Sykes. He becomes a part of your staff after you complete the second Campus settlement mission, the one at the DCD Headquarters. Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll find him at the entrance of the Campus. Talk to him, and he’ll introduce himself. This is the exact point when daily bounties become available.

Where to find daily bounties?

Once you’ve got Otis on your team, you can view the active bounties via the map. Open it up and use the navigation buttons in the top left to move one spot to the right. This will make all the icon disappear from the map, save for the bounties. There will be a couple of them each day, and if you hover over an icon, it’ll explain who the bounty refers to, how long you have until it’s gone and what kind of rewards you can expect if you decide to take it on.

We still haven’t had the chance to investigate the experience gains from these activities, and whether they scale with your level as you grow or not. It’s unclear if they’re any good when you’re looking to level up fast, but they’re definitely another good source of weapons, gear and, by extension, crafting materials.

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