Division 2 Ivory Key Locations - How to Open Ivory Chest

Ivory keys are special items in The Division 2. There’s eight of them, and you need them to unlock the mysterious ivory chest in the White House. The chest contains a high-end weapon, a cosmetic item and a weapon skin. If you’re having trouble collecting all eight, this guide will show you Division 2 ivory key locations.

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division 2 ivory key locations
Division 2 Ivory Key Locations – How to Open Ivory Chest

Where to find ivory keys?

The only way to get ivory keys is by defeating hunter bosses. These secret bosses are hard to find and even harder to kill, and each one requires you to solve a tiny puzzle first. If you don’t know where to look for them, our hunter locations guide will help.

There’s another problem here, aside from finding and defeating them. The ivory key isn’t a guaranted drop, and there’s a limited amount of hunter bosses in the game, and they don’t respawn. This means that, if luck isn’t on your side, you’ll have to look for people who haven’t fought them, then join their groups in order to try to get the missing keys.

Ivory chest rewards

Once you’ve acquired all eight ivory keys, head to the White House and use them on the ivory chest. When you open it up, you’ll get the Hunter’s Axe backpack keychain, a weapon shader and a high-end weapon (Shield-Splinterer F2000 assault rifle). The weapon has a random roll for talents and no intrinsic perk, so it’s a proper gamble. You won’t get a blueprint for it, and it’ll drop at your current world tier. In other words, it might be wise to hold off on opening the chest until you’ve progressed through the tiers.

The upside is that, while hunting the hunters, you’ll end up with a bunch of pretty cool masks, which will make you look like a proper murderous psychopath.

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