Destiny 2 Class Act Triumph - Heir Apparent Exotic Weapon

Class Act is a new triumph in Destiny 2. It was added during the Guardian Games 2020 event, and in order to unlock it, you’ll need to complete seven other triumphs from the same category. Once you do, you’ll get the Heir Apparent exotic machine gun. If you’re wondering how to do this before the event ends, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Class Act triumph and how to earn it.

destiny 2 class act triumph
Destiny 2 Class Act Triumph – Heir Apparent Exotic Weapon

How to unlock Class Act triump?

Like we’ve mentioned, you’ll need to unlock seven other triumphs from the Guardian Games category. This mostly comes down to farming laurels and medals. Here’s a list of all the triumphs you could go for:

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  • Embrace the Light – Defeat twenty five guardians using supers in Rumble playlist in the Crucible
  • Represent – Defeat enemies with abilities (melee, grenade, super) in strikes and nightfall
  • Renowned – Collect laurels in any activity
  • Great Deeds – Collect laurels in gambit, strikes, forges and destination (which is basically free roam)
  • Show Your Colors – Complete Guardian Games bounties. Weeklies help the most, then dailies, then the repeatable ones.
  • Medalist – Redeem seventy five medals of any kind from Eva Levante
  • Gold Gedalist – Redeem thirty gold medals
  • Quintuple Threat – Redeem at least one gold medal for each of these: crucible, gambit strike, forge & destinations
  • World Class – Redeem twenty forge or destination medals
  • Guardian Gamble – Redeem ten gambit medals

As you can see, it’s mostly a matter of grinding your way through. Complete medals and bounties, farm laurels, and before the event is over you’ll be stroking your brand new machine gun and giving it a name. Or just leaving it in a pile of unused exotic weapons after you realize it’s not what you hoped for, slowly forgetting the blood, sweat and tears you poured into getting it.

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