Division 2 Errors & Problems - Skill Deactivation & Cooldown Bug, EU-FA-0

The Division 2 is out today for those who’ve preordered it, and it’s not working quite as intended. A number of players have reported getting no sound from the game at all, while others complaing about freezing, performance issues and server problems. This guide will show you a list of known Division 2 errors & problems, as well as how to fix or avoid them when possible.

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Division 2 Errors & Problems – No Sound, Freezing, Server Issues

Skills turning off with 15 second cooldown

This one started happening recently. A lot of people report that skills turn off automatically after activating them, with a 15 second cooldown. For instance, you press the button to activate your drone, and it disappears within two seconds and leaves you waiting another fifteen until it’s ready again. It’s making skill use impossible for those affected. The only potential workaround we’ve heard of includes unequipping everything that affects skill cooldowns and duration – gear, mods, anything.

Error Code EU-FA-0

This one seems to be a problem with the Epic launcher, as it apparently doesn’t affect Uplay users. You can either wait for Epic to fix it, or contact them explaining the problem if that’s going to make you feel better. Either way, there isn’t anything you can actually do about it.

Delta, Mike, Echo error codes

All of these error codes represent server issues. It’s the day of the official launch, and like it so often happens, the servers aren’t ready for the amount of people trying to access them. You’ll just have to wait for things to stabilize, which should happen during the next few days.

PS4 Pro crash CE34878-0

A number of Playstation 4 Pro owners have reported crashing, with the error code CE34878-0 being displayed afterwards. It’s another one of those issues where there’s nothing to be done – you can contact support and let them know, but someone probably already has.

No sound on headphones in Division 2

This seems to be the most widespread issue at the moment. Players with predominantly Logitech headphones can’t hear a thing in the game. The problem comes from Dolby Atmos/Surround, so the solution is to turn it off. You can either use the Logitech Game Software to disable it, or kill all the processes that have Logitech in their name. This is an old bug that was present in the beta, but still hasn’t been fixed.

Division 2 crashing & lag

From what we’ve seen, most of the people complaining about the lag and crashing have been using VPN software to access the game early. There doesn’t seem to be a way around this, but it’s good to know that most of these issues will stop once the game is out worldwide and everyone stops trying to get around the restrictions.

Division 2 server issues

Similarly to the one above, most of the connection issues we’ve heard about this early were tied to VPN usage. The VPN connection breaks and the game kicks you out – if you’re not using a good VPN service, you’re going to get a lot of errors. Also, the servers that were meant for one particular region are now being flooded by people from all over the world, which is probably rather taxing.

Crash when playing two copies on the same network

There have been some reports of the game crashing when trying to play two copies at once on the same network/external IP. It seems like the game crashes or freezes for both once the second player joins. There’s one workaround we’ve heard of that seems to help. Both players should Alt+F4 to close the game, then reconnect. They’ll end up in the same group, with properly synced games. Your mileaga may vary, of course, but it’s worth a shot.

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