Division 2 How to Respawn Hunters - Ivory Key Farming

Respawning hunters in Division 2 are an important mechanic allowing you to fight the hidden hunter bosses again in order to get the Division 2 Ivory Keys. It’s necessary to do, because hunters won’t always drop Ivory Keys in Division 2. Which you need in order to open a special crate back in the White House. Unfortunately, the question of how to respawn Division 2 hunters isn’t as simple as you’d think. All that said, here’s our Division 2 How to Respawn Hunters – Ivory Key Farming guide will explain how to make hunters spawn again, so that you can earn the Ivory Keys you need.

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Division 2 How to Respawn Hunters - Ivory Key Farming
Division 2 How to Respawn Hunters – Ivory Key Farming

How to Spawn Hunters Twice & Get Division 2 Ivory Keys?

To respawn hunters in The Division 2, you have to restart the event, but you have to be in the team with somebody who hasn’t yet battled and defeated that hunter. See, the thing with hunters is that they drop masks, as you might already know. If you want to know more, check out our Hunter Locations – Hidden Bosses and Mask Locations – Death, Crimson, Ghoul, Wraith guides. But, much more importantly, they have a chance to drop an Ivory Key. We’re not going to get into details, as we’ve covered that in our Ivory Key Locations – How to Open Ivory Chest guide.

Now, the major problem there is that the hunters don’t always drop an Ivory Key. That would be bad enough on its own, given just how goddamned difficult hunters are to bring down. They can smoke you with one shot, they block your skills; they’re an absolute nightmare. But, to make things even worse, it doesn’t seem possible to respawn hunters on your own. Or with people that have already fought that hunter and managed to kill them.

Instead, you’re going to have to recruit and play with somebody who hasn’t managed to defeat that hunter still. Given their difficulty, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people end up requesting backup. Perhaps responding to these calls for help might end up being a decent method of farming hunter for Ivory Keys.

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