Division 2 Exotic Components - How To Get & Farm

Exotic components are a crafting material in The Division 2. They’re used to upgrade exotic weapons by increasing their gear score. You’ll need quite a few in order to beef up your arsenal, but they’re surprisingly hard to obtain. If you’re having trouble gettin them, our Division 2 exotic components guide will show you the best ways to farm them.

division 2 exotic components where to farm
Division 2 Exotic Components – How To Get & Farm

How to farm exotic components?

The only way to get exotic components is by deconstructing exotic weapons. This means you’ll have to get a whole bunch of disposable exotics in order to upgrade the ones you’d actually like to use. It’s going to take a while, but there are several exotics that can be farmed relatively quickly.

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If you don’t mind replaying one mission over and over again, you could go for the Merciless, which can be obtained through daily VIP missions. If PvP is your kind of thing, you could head into the occupied Dark Zone and keep doing landmark missions until you get Pestilence.

If none of these suit you, you can also aim for the Chatterbox. You’ll need to learn the locations of the hyena chests, and you’ll need a healthy amount of keys, but it’s a quick run if neither of those is an issue.

Of course, you can mix and match – you don’t have to just keep farming one weapon until you’ve got the materials. It’s definitely going to take some time, so be prepared to grind. Here’s a list of all the exotic weapons we’ve seen in the game and how to get them, so you can choose which ones to go after more easily.

Keep in mind that the game is alive and each update might break something. Don’t spend too much time on things that don’t work at first – for instance, if the Hyena chests keep turning up empty, just skip them and go for another exotic.

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