World War Z How to Vote Kick AFK Inactive Players

Vote kicking players in World War Z is one of the mechanics that the game offers. It allows you to boot people that aren’t pulling their weight in the game, whether by being AFK or in some other way. However, the exact matter of how to vote kick World War Z players from the party seems to have been confusing some people. That said, here’s our World War Z How to Vote Kick AFK Inactive Players guide to show you how you can instigate a vote-kicking of players that are annoying you.

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World War Z How to Vote Kick AFK Inactive Players
World War Z How to Vote Kick AFK Inactive Players

How to Vote Kick AFK Players in World War Z?

To vote-kick an inactive (or, indeed, simply annoying) player in World War Z, the first step is to go into the Options. Then, go into the Party section (Triangle on PlayStation 4). Highlight the player that you want to get rid off. Select said player (X on PlayStation), and then select Vote to Kick. Now, all that’s left is to wait for the others to cast their vote. Which, of course, will depend on the feelings of the rest of your party.

Now, all that said, according to Reddit user Bloke_on_the_Left, the game does include a system that automatically kicks out inactive players. However, if you don’t have the patience to wait for that, though, and your party isn’t cooperating with the vote, you can always gun the offending player down. After all, what is friendly fire for? If anything, reaching the decision to outright kill someone who is ticking you off is easier than relying on your team mates to agree to kick someone. Because you can make it unilaterally. This especially goes if you’re playing with a bunch of randos.

So, those are the different methods that you can use to get rid of AFK and other undesirable players in World War Z. If you need further help, check out our other articles, like World War Z Private Lobby – How to Play Private Match With Friends and World War Z Lobo Preorder Bonuses Not Unlocking on PS4.

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  1. B

    Yeah but how does the rest of the group cast their vote. Weve tried several times and there is no option for the group to cast a vote. ???

  2. S

    You should have stated at the beginning of this guide that those instructions are for console users only.
    I have the PC version of the game, and I found that you cannot access options menu through lobby matchmaking. in order to, youll have to abandon it, thus disbanding your party,

    1. L

      Tried to play a session on new York hell and high water on extreme difficulty. Joined in on a game session with apparently expert game players and found out for the very first time that they can kick you out of the game if they feel your gaming skills aren’t good enough. First time something like this happened since I started playing online, but now I know everyone out there won’t tolerate amateur game players like myself. It made me feel lower than dirt when I saw this happening. I guess I don’t have what it takes to survive the fictional zombie apocalypse. Knew I should’ve just stayed out of the way

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